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  • People

    Friends Of Loving Earth: Georgia Irwin from The Kindness Echoes

    Say hi to our friend Georgia Irwin. She reveals some of her tips on starting a food-based business, her go-to recipes and what her non-negotiables are when it comes to health & wellbeing!
  • People

    Friends of Loving Earth: Kale Brock of Kales Broccoli

    Meet our friend, Kale Brock. We sat down to hear about his journey on traveling to some of the worlds happiest places as he uncovers the topic of living a long, happy and healthy life.
  • Sustainability

    Friends of Loving Earth: Cat from Simple(ish) Living

    We caught up with "zero-waste" advocate, Cat of Simple(ish) Living to chat all about the topic and how she incorporates it into her daily life - including a bit of meal planning! 
  • Friends of Loving Earth

    5 Minutes with Illustrator Marc Martin

    We sat down with Melbourne based artist Marc Martin to learn a little more about the man behind the gorgeous illustrations that adorn our latest chocolate creation - Boobook Chocolate Eggs!
  • Chocolate

    The Sustainable World

    People, Process, Planet – Why Loving Earth is Different

    At Loving Earth, we’re passionate about a lot of things. Mainly chocolate. But our chocolate isn’t like the stuff you may remember from the tuckshop at school. That’s because we only use the best wholefood ingredients we can find from people who love the planet. We care about what you eat, and the people who make it.
  • People

    Friends of Loving Earth: Marni from Fresh Organic Goods (F.O.G)

    "Fresh Organic Goods or F.O.G as most people like to call it for short first began as a wholesale nut milk business and a lifestyle change for me from my previous profession as a Lawyer. I wanted to provide people with an alternate to regular milk and rather than soy (which is an over consumed product) there didn’t seem to be any other options that weren’t filled with sugar or less than 1-2% almonds in the UHT versions available."
  • Chocolate

    Friends of Loving Earth

    New Chocolate Packaging - what's the story?

    Today we show the world our new chocolate packaging! It's pretty fact, no - it's VERY exciting! We've been working on this since last year and it took a LOT of doing before we were satisfied. If you look closely, you'll notice there's a whole system at play why did we do this, and how does it work?
  • People

    Nic From "The Fit Inn" Is Giving Away His Business

    We’ve been big fans of The Fit Inn since they opened in Melbourne’s North Fitzroy a year ago. Healthy food, available for takeaway, and without an outrageous price tag. Just our kind of thing! So the other week we had a chat with owner Nic Frances Gilley - the original social entrepreneur - and then yesterday we found out that he’s giving his business away! Literally, giving it away! It’s mad. So what’s the whole idea with The Fit Inn? Cormac had a chat with Nic to find out...
  • People

    Plump Organic Grocery: A Community Store

    Sitting down with Jock, the owner of Plump Organic Grocer, you are immediately struck by the fact that this is a real community minded business. In the 30 minutes that we chatted no fewer than 5 people stopped to say hello, engaging in the day-to-day running of this longstanding organic business. Founded on principles of fresh local produce with strict organic labels, Plump has been one of our longest-serving customers. Here Jock muses on the challenges facing organic business and reminisces on how the industry has developed! 
  • Friends of Loving Earth


    Sarah Wilson - Fortune Favours The Brave

    Editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine, hostess of MasterChef and author on the edge of the digital revolution: Sarah Wilson is a pretty impressive figure. Almost intimidatingly so: all of this success and she’s not even forty. If it wasn’t for the fact that even the smallest interaction with her work makes you realise what a great character she is, we'd be green with envy!
  • People

    The Eternal Freedom of Spirit

    My father in his passing gave me the most precious gift that I will treasure forever. Although on one level he was terrified of death and denied the existence of spirit and its continuance after death, on another level, beneath his conscious understanding, there was a knowing. 
  • People

    Loving Earth Maca: Nadine’s Story

    For a little while now we’ve been wanting to talk about the benefits of Maca, the superfood of the Andes. We’d already planned to take a detailed look at the fabulous Peruvian root this week, when suddenly we received the most wonderful testimonial from Nadine Sommerville in Port Macquarie NSW…such wonderful serendipity demands attention!

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