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Loving Earth Maca: Nadine’s Story

For a little while now we’ve been wanting to talk about the benefits of Maca, the superfood of the Andes. We’d already planned to take a detailed look at the fabulous Peruvian root this week, when suddenly we received the most wonderful testimonial from Nadine Sommerville in Port Macquarie NSW…such wonderful serendipity demands attention! Whilst we do regularly receive testimonials letting us know how our products have helped people become healthier and happier, this is really something else. The following tale is simply incredible; we’re so humbled and gracious to be a small part of this family’s beautiful story…thank you Nadine, Matt and baby Kurt!

Hello, I want to share with you my experience. Since the age of 16 yrs, I was told it would be difficult to conceive due to polycystic ovaries. This left me devastated. 11yrs later I had my ovaries scraped and deflated, then finally had regular menstrual cycles.

After my 6th miscarriage, I went to my local health food shop and spoke to a naturopath. I started on Chinese herbs, for PMS and the balancing of hormones, but they would have affected the baby if I fell pregnant. Upon returning to the store, a lady was handing out samples of Maca Powder. I asked her for the info leaflet. All the info was exactly what I needed… I remembered a friend had given me some to try, yet I didn't. I contacted her and I ordered some Maca Powder from her sister, who is a naturopath.

I am pleased to let you know, due to your company and the Raw Organic Maca Powder you stock, I fell pregnant within 2 months, and gave birth to a healthy 8pound 12oz beautiful boy, on the 22/12/2010. He is nearly a year old. I cannot express or tell you how much I am grateful for people like you. You have helped make my world complete. Our son Kurt [pictured above] is the first grandson for my dad, and has made our family better people. I have had years of heartache due to my health condition, and now I know there is hope for females with my condition!!

The emotional stress and heartache that a woman feels when her hormones are out of whack, having cysts on the ovaries and difficulty in carrying through a pregnancy…it’s very difficult. A lot of women suffer these symptoms and more. I think it's important to get the word out there of the benefits of your Maca Powder product, because not only have I come through the other side, but emotionally, physically and mentally I feel like a new person. I discovered also with taking the Maca Powder, it built up all the nutrients and cells on the lining of my cervix, womb, ovaries and uterus! After the miscarriages, it was all so badly depleted. So not only did it balance out my hormones, it replaced the most needed female parts, in order to conceive. All natural too thanks to your product!!

I don't mean to go on, but it’s changed my life. As well as taking the Maca Powder, I felt I needed to eat green veggies: spinach, beans, broccoli, peas, cabbage, anything and everything green!! I really tuned into my body and soul, and got on with the job!

I tell all my friends about my story, which in turn will hopefully help your business. Thank you to all your staff and the Pumpush people for their Maca Powder. Due to their work, I know my partner and I could conceive again, naturally. We never did try IVF, I just felt in my heart, "this is the 21st century!! There has to be something out there to help me, I can't live like this anymore!" The angels heard my prayers.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am eternally grateful!!

Love Nadine, Matt and our gorgeous son Kurt xxoo”

This story speaks for itself…so amazing. Next week we’ll follow up with our original intended article, an in-depth explanation of Maca, what it is and how it works. Here’s to miracles borne of the earth, and a big cheers to Nadine and her family!

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