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  • The Sustainable World

    Reduce and reuse for an eco-friendly office!

    Starting an eco-friendly journey can feel quite overwhelming; between plastic free, low waste, sustainable, regenerative, reuse-this, recycle-that, it can all feel a bit much.
  • Chocolate

    The Sustainable World

    People, Process, Planet – Why Loving Earth is Different

    At Loving Earth, we’re passionate about a lot of things. Mainly chocolate. But our chocolate isn’t like the stuff you may remember from the tuckshop at school. That’s because we only use the best wholefood ingredients we can find from people who love the planet. We care about what you eat, and the people who make it.
  • The Sustainable World

    Sustainable Packaging

    Sustainability is and always has been one the main principles of Loving Earth. This is something we are always trying to improve on and work closely with our packaging suppliers to develop better ways of producing. So, here's what we actually do...
  • The Sustainable World

    DIY Composting

    Compost is not exactly one of the most hash-tagged topics floating around and certainly the thought of decaying food and plant matter doesn’t really get the hype and attention that it deserves! But, if you have ever felt distant from the massive climate change issue, as I have been in the past, and wonder "how on earth can I create some degree of change?", well, the way we dispose of our food waste can be the simple first step to making a lasting change and reducing waste.
  • The Sustainable World

    The Agave Growers of Ixmiquilpan - A Bright Future (3 of 3)

    In the final part of our series, we take a closer look at the successes of the co-op in Ixmiquilpan. The development of the project over the past decade has in many ways been a story of broadening horizons; as one generation has grown to maturity, the next finds themselves in a new world. Ambitions which were unthinkable just 10 years ago are now coming to fruition.
  • The Sustainable World

    The Agave Growers of Ixmiquilpan - Education & Opportunities [Part 2 of 3]

    The Agave Project in the fertile mountains East of Ixmiquilpan has been a huge success; last week we looked at the basis for the economic downturn in the area over the past century and the manner in which this new endeavor has allowed hundreds of people to return to the land. This week we’re looking at what this means in relation to peoples’ everyday lives.
  • The Sustainable World

    The Agave Growers of Ixmiquilpan - Making A Difference [part 1 of 3]

    Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the impact of working at Loving Earth. On one hand, we do get lots of great feedback from happy healthy customers about how much they love our products. But for the most part, the other end of the equation is a lot quieter. Sitting behind a desk sifting through emails, engaged in endless meetings about technical matters or involved in the everyday grind of keeping our products on the shelves, we’re usually far removed from the source of our products: the growers and the earth. But sometimes, we get to experience the true impact of our work.

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