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The Sustainable World

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability is and always has been one the main principles of Loving Earth. This is something we are always trying to improve on and work closely with our packaging suppliers to develop better ways of producing. So, here's what we actually do...

The wrapper used to house our 30g chocolate bars is a compostable film made with renewable plant resources. The decomposition of this packaging only takes place when it is placed in a composting environment, meaning an environment containing heat, water, oxygen, soil and microorganisms.

These wrappers are made with cellulose from sustainably managed trees and cornstarch polymer from non-GMO corn. They're compostable, so make sure to dispose of them correctly. Each of the cellulose and cornstarch components are FDA approved for food contact and the film itself is manufactured in a HACCP food safety approved facility.


Sustainable Packaging{image - 80g & 30g home compostable chocolate packaging}


Our 80g chocolate boxes are made from post consumer fibre with vegetable based inks rather than the chemical stuff. This means we aren’t cutting down any new trees to make our boxes and no toxic chemicals are seeping into our water supplies because of harmful dyes.

The clear film our chocolate is wrapped in, looks like regular plastic but is actually 100% plant based and completely compostable, and made from renewable sources.

Our suppliers have verified that no heavy metals such as Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Hexavalent Chromium, Antimony, Arsenic and Selenium are intentionally used in the manufacture of printing inks, which would potentially be harmful to worms. Any contaminated levels are well within food packaging limits.


Protein-Power_FB{image - 97% post consumer recycled fibre packaging printed with vegetable inks}


Our Buckinis range is packaged in boxes that are printed with vegetable based inks on 100% post-consumer recycled fiber and are recyclable.

The cans we use for products like Coconut Sugar and Maca Powder, are made using recycled paper.

The jars used for Superfoods are eternally recyclable (we use them to grow small succulents and as pencil holders on our desks!)

Finally, the little white balls we use for packing is called ‘bio-fill’, which is made from corn-starch and it is compostable. Also, the bubble wrap we use is made from 100% recycled plastic.

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