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A Healthy Easter – The Chocolate Alternative

Easter is traditionally associated with religious holidays and rebirth, with the egg and the rabbit being symbols of fertility in pre-Christian European religions. Whilst this is where the modern celebration comes from, we all know that there's only one thing on kids' minds when this time of year rolls around...CHOCOLATE, and lots of it! Of course, for the Loving Earth crew chocolate is a daily concern! I can well remember the excitement of Easter Sunday: the anticipation, comparing how much loot you got with other kids, the egg hunt…but most of all, the chocolate! Dark chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate eggs, eggs filled with chocolate, chocolate rabbits, chocolate chocolate and more chocolate! Of course, it's not just the little ones who go crazy for chocolate at Easter - many of you big kids can't resist the temptation of all that chocolatey goodness which surrounds!

This year we got to thinking about all this indulgence and how it can be quite an unhealthy time of year for those who can't resist all the lovely brightly coloured eggs, bunnies and lollies. Why not make your own raw organic chocolate? In this way you can indulge your chocolate passion in a healthy way, involve the kids and feel satisfied that you aren't supporting unethical companies: voilà!

Making your own chocolate is a lot easier than you might think. At Loving Earth we make our chocolate from bean to bar which is an involved process we've developed over time. But, if you want to simply make it at home it comes down to three basic ingredients: cacao butter, cacao powder and a sweetener. We find that Coconut Nectar works great in terms of both flavour and mixture, plus it’s easy to use at home. Of course, there’s many ways to go about crafting your own particular style of chocolate, though it’s hard to know where to begin. So, we put together a quick and easy recipe for you to try out - DIY Chocolate At Home.

Here are some other fun recipes to create with your loved ones this Easter!


Tahini Choc Easter Eggs



Raw Bounty Bars





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