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    Friends Of Loving Earth: Georgia Irwin from The Kindness Echoes

    Say hi to our friend Georgia Irwin. She reveals some of her tips on starting a food-based business, her go-to recipes and what her non-negotiables are when it comes to health & wellbeing!
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    Friends of Loving Earth: Kale Brock of Kales Broccoli

    Meet our friend, Kale Brock. We sat down to hear about his journey on traveling to some of the worlds happiest places as he uncovers the topic of living a long, happy and healthy life.
  • People

    Featured Foodie - The Saarah Project, Sarah Henderson

    Sarah's the queen of food styling! Or perhaps, the queen of whole-food styling. She tells us a bit about herself...
  • Sustainability

    Friends of Loving Earth: Cat from Simple(ish) Living

    We caught up with "zero-waste" advocate, Cat of Simple(ish) Living to chat all about the topic and how she incorporates it into her daily life - including a bit of meal planning! 
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    Research & Development - Loving Earth Style

    With the launch of our tasty new flavours, we thought it’d be great to give you an insight into how we create the yummy flavours that end up in your hot little hands! Gian Manik is our chief product developer who has a real flair for creating magic in the kitchen, here’s what he had to say about the work involved in creating new Loving Earth products!
  • Featured Foodies


    Featured Foodie - A Conscious Collection, Brooke Meredith

    "I grew up in rural Victoria, where good food was a big part of our family life. It was the center of all gatherings. From as long as I can remember I had always been in the kitchen helping mum and dad cook and prepare food, so I am extremely grateful to have learnt the fundamentals of cooking from a very young age."
  • Featured Foodies


    Featured Foodie - To Her Core, Dearna

    "As I get older, I definitely feel I am more comfortable in my choices and less strict than I used to be – that said I do try eat ‘clean’ (ie minimally processed) as much as possible, with lots of vegetables. I also try to buy as much locally sourced food as possible these days, I rarely shop at the supermarket and instead tend to buy my veggies from the local market, and we get a veggie box delivered once a fortnight too."
  • Featured Foodies


    Featured Foodie - Wholesome Cook, Martyna Angell

    "I was born and raised in Poland and seasonal real food was a big part of my life ever since I can remember. In summer we’d forage for wild blueberries on the way from the beach and make blueberry dumplings in late afternoon. In fall we’d get up at the crack of dawn to go wild mushroom picking then spend the best part of the evening cleaning, drying, cooking and preserving the nautre’s bounty."
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    Featured Foodies - Our Holistic Kitchen, Anna & Bree

    "Our days have always evolved around food for as long as we can remember. We are those annoying people who are always eating and talking about our next meal! With Bree being a photographer and myself a designer we get excited about creating images and putting together recipes. We have been meaning to pair up for some time, but it has taken till now for us both to be based in our hometown."
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    Friends of Loving Earth: Marni from Fresh Organic Goods (F.O.G)

    "Fresh Organic Goods or F.O.G as most people like to call it for short first began as a wholesale nut milk business and a lifestyle change for me from my previous profession as a Lawyer. I wanted to provide people with an alternate to regular milk and rather than soy (which is an over consumed product) there didn’t seem to be any other options that weren’t filled with sugar or less than 1-2% almonds in the UHT versions available."
  • A Day In A Plate


    A Day In A Plate: Julia Ostro - OSTRO

    Good quality produce, simple techniques and real food have always been respected in my family! I have really fond memories from when I was about 4 or 5 years old, collecting sea water from our local beach to make ricotta with my parents! This importance of making food from scratch has really stuck with me and plays a huge part in the way I think about food and our daily meals!
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    Featured Foodie: Holly Shelley - Paradise Pantry

    "I always have to have a good walk and stretching session everyday. Plenty of water and real homemade food otherwise I get grumpy. I prioritise a bit of down time in my day, whether it be taking photos, cooking something special, reading my favourite magazines, just sitting and listening to music or cuddling my puppy Blaze. You end up happier and more productive for the rest of the day when you do."

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