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Research & Development - Loving Earth Style

With the launch of our tasty new flavours, we thought it’d be great to give you an insight into how we create the yummy flavours that end up in your hot little hands! Gian Manik is our chief product developer who has a real flair for creating magic in the kitchen, here’s what he had to say about the work involved in creating new Loving Earth products!

What do you do at Loving Earth?
I work in research and development for the brand and I look at upcoming trends to inform potential new products.

How did you come about doing your thing?
I have enjoyed cooking for some time now, and really love creating in the kitchen. I've always had an interest in food and creating dishes so it's great to be able to take that passion and have it be my full-time job.

The new flavours are delicious! What was the inspiration behind them?
We took inspiration from classic flavour combinations. They are all a remake of familiar favourites, so think Banoffee Pie, Coffee, Turkish Delight, Fruit & Nut, and Top Deck. We wanted to create a playful twist on each flavour but still make them in our distinct way, using minimally processed, wholefood, organic ingredients.

What kind of factors influences the products’ recipes?
There are many factors that influence the recipes; the proposed product needs to be commercially viable and organic, the availability of ingredients, what’s in demand on the market, customers feedback, our staffs taste testing sessions and some pure creativity!

Where do you get the ingredients? How do you decide upon the ingredients?
The ingredients are sourced from growers that have a similar outlook to how Loving Earth operates; they need to be healthy, sustainable and fair. Ingredients are from premium local and imported growers that have a love and respect for what they manufacture. I also keep an eye out for any new or intriguing ingredients and products from overseas.

How do you create/decide upon the recipe?
The interesting thing about our tastings is that we try to make it a democratic process that involves everyone. I have the first taste, and then it radiates to my team of 3, then Scott and then the rest of the staff will taste test also. I ask everyone for feedback about certain elements of taste and texture and this influences whether the recipe needs to be worked on or if we will create and manufacture the product as is.

What’s next in the pipeline?
I can’t tell you that! But I can say that it’ll be fantastic!!

Have you tried our 5 exciting new flavours?

Banoffee Bang Bang, Salted Caramel Swayzee, Very Buck'n Berry, Coffee Ka-pow, Turkishly Delightful  
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