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  • Food

    Demystifying MYLK

    Milk or Mylk - what’s the difference?
  • Food


    Top 5 Winter Warmer Breakfasts

    Dark cold mornings call for warm bowls of something filling and delicious.
  • People

    Research & Development - Loving Earth Style

    With the launch of our tasty new flavours, we thought it’d be great to give you an insight into how we create the yummy flavours that end up in your hot little hands! Gian Manik is our chief product developer who has a real flair for creating magic in the kitchen, here’s what he had to say about the work involved in creating new Loving Earth products!
  • Chocolate

    Food is Sacred

    Really Raw Chocolate from Bean to Bar

    We have such a connection to chocolate, often seen as a guilty pleasure, an indulgent moment or as a reward, but rarely do we stop to question how it has come to be a perfectly packaged moment for us to enjoy. Where do all the ingredients come from and what do they go through to become a chocolate bar?
  • Chocolate


    A Healthy Easter – The Chocolate Alternative

    Easter is traditionally associated with religious holidays and rebirth, with the egg and the rabbit being symbols of fertility in pre-Christian European religions. Whilst this is where the modern celebration comes from, we all know that there's only one thing on kids' minds when this time of year rolls around...CHOCOLATE, and lots of it!
  • Conscious Eating


    Happy and Healthy - Part 1

    We at Loving Earth are pretty passionate about experimenting. We love a challenge and finding new ways of doing things, alternative processes, and embarking on on-going journeys of improvement. Which is why we’re happy to be supporting FebFast-ers throughout the month of February.
  • Chocolate


    6 Dessert Ideas for Christmas!

    We get so excited around this time of year when we finally get to plan the ultimate Christmas menu! We do however find when it comes to dessert it's so hard to lock in one idea. We've shortlisted our favourites down to just six recipes and now it's up to you to decide which one will be the perfect Chrissy day indulgence!
  • Food

    Nuts About Nuts - Win A Box Of Hazelnut Chocolate Butter!

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and probably even then), you’ll have noticed that Nutella has been trending hard for the last few months. Nutella donuts, nutella croissants, nutella deodorant… (okay we made that last one up).
  • A Day In A Plate


    A Day In A Plate: Lilian Dikmans - Real Food Healthy Body

    I make time to eat well because I like to feel good. Eating real, unprocessed foods with plenty of vegetables keeps me full of energy and functioning at my best. I drink water throughout the day in between my meals and I always make room for some healthy treats because I don’t believe in deprivation!
  • Tips

    Guilt & Conscious Eating – Snacking & Breakfasts

    So often we see products in our industry advertised as ‘guilt free’, illustrating just how problematic concepts around food and health can be. What is it that inspires ‘guilt’ around what we eat?
  • Food

    Antioxidants And Your Health

    ‘Boasting the highest ORAC values of all natural foods - Maqui Berries are packed with free radical fighting antioxidants!’ Free radicals?! Is that some kind of anarchist group?! And what’s an ORAC? And now that we mention it, what exactly are antioxidants...and why should YOU care?!
  • Food is Sacred

    It’s a grain! It’s a cereal! No – It’s Buckwheat!

    It looks like a grainy cereal, it sounds like some kind of wheat – but surprisingly enough, Buckwheat is none of those. It is actually the seed of a fruit. In fact, Buckwheat is not related to wheat at all, it comes from the sorrel, knotweed and rhubarb family. This stuff is so popular, there is an actual international symposium on buckwheat held every three years! If you cannot make it to the next one – here are some things you should know about this mystery super food...

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