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A Day In A Plate: Lilian Dikmans - Real Food Healthy Body



I make time to eat well because I like to feel good. Eating real, unprocessed foods with plenty of vegetables keeps me full of energy and functioning at my best. I drink water throughout the day in between my meals and I always make room for some healthy treats because I don’t believe in deprivation!



I like to start my day with a big savoury breakfast (+ a black coffee) because I find that sweet breakfasts don’t fill me up enough. It’s usually a quick one-pan affair of pan-fried green vegetables with some eggs scrambled though. I always have frozen organic spinach and peas in my freezer so I can just throw them into the pan to defrost before adding the eggs. I like to dress it with a good drizzle of extra virgin olive oil or dollops of tahini and a sprinkling of himalayan crystal salt.




My lunch usually looks pretty similar to my breakfast: plenty of vegetables with a bit of protein and some good fats. When the weather is cold, I prefer to eat warm meals so I usually just sauté some leafy greens like kale or silverbeet in some coconut oil, throw in some leftover meat or some tuna and have it with a side of roasted root vegetables. I roast big batches of carrots or sweet potato spiced with chilli powder and smoked paprika a couple of times per week to have with my meals.




I have muay thai training in the evenings and prefer to eat dinner afterwards, so I have a snack in the afternoon to fuel me up for my workout. It’s usually one of my vegan protein slices made with nuts, coconut and cacao butter or some other raw treat that I’ve been working on for my blog (which I keep stashed in my freezer). Sometimes I make a quick smoothie in my nutribullet with frozen organic berries, frozen raw zucchini (to thicken it up), almond milk and raw cacao powder.




Dinner after training has to be quick (because I’m starving) and I like to include a serve of protein for muscle recovery and some starchier carbs to replenish glycogen stores. One of my favourites is my Chicken + Cauliflower Hash, which is just chicken, cauliflower and spices sautéed in a pan and then dressed with tahini, pumpkin seeds and fresh dill. I eat it with some of my homemade gluten-free Pumpkin Loaf on the side (which I bake on the weekends and freeze in slices). After dinner, I like to have a liquorice and fennel seed tea because I love the taste and it helps with digestion.


RFHB_pumpkin bread

Check out Lilian's Instagram and website Real Food Healthy Body.

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