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    Friends Of Loving Earth: Georgia Irwin from The Kindness Echoes

    Say hi to our friend Georgia Irwin. She reveals some of her tips on starting a food-based business, her go-to recipes and what her non-negotiables are when it comes to health & wellbeing!
  • People

    Friends of Loving Earth: Kale Brock of Kales Broccoli

    Meet our friend, Kale Brock. We sat down to hear about his journey on traveling to some of the worlds happiest places as he uncovers the topic of living a long, happy and healthy life.
  • Sustainability

    Friends of Loving Earth: Cat from Simple(ish) Living

    We caught up with "zero-waste" advocate, Cat of Simple(ish) Living to chat all about the topic and how she incorporates it into her daily life - including a bit of meal planning! 
  • Sustainability

    Jillungin Dreamtime Tea

    We've been drinking heaps of Native Australian Jilungin this winter, a potent tea that is both refreshing in the day and relaxing at night. We asked Marion from Twin Lakes to share the wealth of her knowledge about the Native Australian Jilungin tree.
  • Sustainability

    The Nyul Nyul Community

    We are so lucky to have such a connection to the Nyul Nyul community up in The Kimberleys who harvest the Gubinge, which we then dehydrate and grind down into a powder. Their connection to the land is palpable with such rich history and care still carried forward today. Something that needs to be respected, treasured, and protected.
  • Chocolate

    The Sustainable World

    People, Process, Planet – Why Loving Earth is Different

    At Loving Earth, we’re passionate about a lot of things. Mainly chocolate. But our chocolate isn’t like the stuff you may remember from the tuckshop at school. That’s because we only use the best wholefood ingredients we can find from people who love the planet. We care about what you eat, and the people who make it.
  • People

    Friends of Loving Earth: Marni from Fresh Organic Goods (F.O.G)

    "Fresh Organic Goods or F.O.G as most people like to call it for short first began as a wholesale nut milk business and a lifestyle change for me from my previous profession as a Lawyer. I wanted to provide people with an alternate to regular milk and rather than soy (which is an over consumed product) there didn’t seem to be any other options that weren’t filled with sugar or less than 1-2% almonds in the UHT versions available."
  • Community


    Gubinge: the Australian Indigenous Superfood and the highest natural source of Vitamin C on the planet

    One day a while back, Bruno walked into the health food store in Broome. The store had some of Loving Earth’s Goji and Camu Camu raw chocolate bars, Camu Camu being a very high Vitamin C berry from the Peruvian Amazon. The woman working in the shop knew him and so she said “Hey Bruno! Check this out! These guys have this stuff from the Amazon that's real high in Vitamin C, but that Gubinge, it's much better, you should get him onto it!”.
  • Sustainability

    Caring & Sharing - An Australian Cuisine

    Considering Australia's growing reputation as a mecca for all things gastronic and the attendant 'dining boom', it's odd that there's a conspicuous lack of a truly Australian cuisine. While much fanfare is made of the native meats and fish, there's a conspicuous lack of imagination surrounding bush tucker and our wonderful array of native fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and spices. Chef Jock Zonfrillo is seeking to change that.
  • Yoga

    We Are Part Of Nature, Not Separate From It

    Within the stress of everyday life we can become disconnected from the energy and flow of the natural world. Generally speaking we spend much of our time indoors and when we are outside it’s often to get ourselves from one place to another. Our lives involve the use of computers, mobile phones, cars, televisions, artificial lighting and other modern technologies.
  • Community

    Food is Sacred

    Alternative Sweeteners 101

    There’s been a lot of attention in the media lately on the topic of obesity and health with over a million Australians currently affected by diabetes. A fantastic article by Paul Zimmet and Philip James published in 2006 in The Medical Journal of Australia outlines some solutions which could be undertaken on a policy level, though the unfortunate fact is that the situation has continued to worsen over the past five years. It’s all well and good to lobby politicians and discuss solutions, but what we at Loving Earth are interested in is what can we do about ourselves?

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