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    Friends Of Loving Earth: Georgia Irwin from The Kindness Echoes

    Say hi to our friend Georgia Irwin. She reveals some of her tips on starting a food-based business, her go-to recipes and what her non-negotiables are when it comes to health & wellbeing!
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    Featured Foodie - The Saarah Project, Sarah Henderson

    Sarah's the queen of food styling! Or perhaps, the queen of whole-food styling. She tells us a bit about herself...
  • Featured Foodies

    Featured Foodies – The Barefoot Housewife

    Before my kids came along I ran a Graphic Design business with my brother. Then during my boys preschool years, I took a different path & started The Barefoot Housewife. I love how creative it can be, from recipe development to food styling & photography. I also love the flexibility it gives me working from my studio set up at home.
  • Featured Foodies

    Featured Foodies – The Little Plantation

    "I have very few if any 'non-negotiables' to be honest; life's too short to be too dogmatic and non-negotiables sound limiting and stressful. Having said that for me personally, I stay away from alcohol, always. I feel I'm wild enough as is ;)."
  • Featured Foodies

    Featured Foodies - So Beautifully Raw, Sam Murphy

    "Aside from eating a plant based diet, I truly believe in the power of positive ‘self-talk’ – I’m definitely not perfect and easily fall into the habits of self-criticism, negative belief systems and other downfalls of having a busy & creative human brain, but I notice that every time I begin to become more present, more aware and in-charge of my inner-dialogue I notice a huge shift in not only the way I view myself & my body, but the way I feel."
  • Featured Foodies

    Featured Foodies - Green Kitchen Stories, David Frenkiel & Luise Vindah

    "I (David) remember baking blueberry muffins with my mom when I was quite young. I believed that I almost baked them myself even though my mom actually did most of the work. I basically just got to pour in the blueberries and stir the bowl. And now, I am doing the exact same thing with our children (although my blueberry muffin recipe is a little different than my mom’s)."
  • Featured Foodies

    Featured Foodies

    Featured Foodie - The Fit Foodie, Sally O'Neil

    "I don’t really have rules around food, but my general approach is a lot of fresh, whole foods. Most days I eat a lot of lean protein and veggies, and plenty of healthy fats. I think I devour at least 5 avocados a week! For something extra yummy I love protein balls, dark chocolate or banana ice-cream."
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    Featured Foodie - A Conscious Collection, Brooke Meredith

    "I grew up in rural Victoria, where good food was a big part of our family life. It was the center of all gatherings. From as long as I can remember I had always been in the kitchen helping mum and dad cook and prepare food, so I am extremely grateful to have learnt the fundamentals of cooking from a very young age."
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    Featured Foodie - To Her Core, Dearna

    "As I get older, I definitely feel I am more comfortable in my choices and less strict than I used to be – that said I do try eat ‘clean’ (ie minimally processed) as much as possible, with lots of vegetables. I also try to buy as much locally sourced food as possible these days, I rarely shop at the supermarket and instead tend to buy my veggies from the local market, and we get a veggie box delivered once a fortnight too."
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    Featured Foodie - Wholesome Cook, Martyna Angell

    "I was born and raised in Poland and seasonal real food was a big part of my life ever since I can remember. In summer we’d forage for wild blueberries on the way from the beach and make blueberry dumplings in late afternoon. In fall we’d get up at the crack of dawn to go wild mushroom picking then spend the best part of the evening cleaning, drying, cooking and preserving the nautre’s bounty."
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    6 Dessert Ideas for Christmas!

    We get so excited around this time of year when we finally get to plan the ultimate Christmas menu! We do however find when it comes to dessert it's so hard to lock in one idea. We've shortlisted our favourites down to just six recipes and now it's up to you to decide which one will be the perfect Chrissy day indulgence!
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    Featured Foodies - Our Holistic Kitchen, Anna & Bree

    "Our days have always evolved around food for as long as we can remember. We are those annoying people who are always eating and talking about our next meal! With Bree being a photographer and myself a designer we get excited about creating images and putting together recipes. We have been meaning to pair up for some time, but it has taken till now for us both to be based in our hometown."

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