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Featured Foodies

Featured Foodies - Green Kitchen Stories, David Frenkiel & Luise Vindah

Describe your style of cooking in 3 words…

Simple, plant-based and healthy in an awesome and non-restricted way. Oops, that was more than three words.

What are your first food memories?

I (David) remember baking blueberry muffins with my mom when I was quite young. I believed that I almost baked them myself even though my mom actually did most of the work. I basically just got to pour in the blueberries and stir the bowl. And now, I am doing the exact same thing with our children (although my blueberry muffin recipe is a little different than my mom’s).

Triple-Chocolate-Mint-Bowl-Banner{image - Triple Chocolate Mint Bowl}

What are your ‘non-negotiables’ when it comes to diet & lifestyle?

We don’t have too many rules around eating as we want to have a positive approach to eating and cooking. So we don’t forbid ingredients even though we generally try to have a healthy and fresh take on cooking. With that said, I am a vegetarian and would feel very uncomfortable cooking anything that once has been alive.

Chocolate_velvet-Banner{image - Chocolate Velvet}

How do you go about creating a new recipe?

We don’t really have one magical way but recipes seem to come to life in our kitchen from a lot of various reasons and approaches.

However, the first thing we usually start with is looking at what ingredients are in season. Inspiration then comes from dishes or flavours we have tried on our travels, a flavour combination at a restaurant or a photo of something we have seen on pinterest, a magazine or instagram. When we get inspired by other people's photos, the final result usually turns out entirely different though.

Another source of inspiration is our kids, many dishes happen when we need to create a quick dinner with them running laps around our legs.

Blackberry-Oats-banner{image - Grab & Go Blackberry Oats}

What are your top 3 food photography tips?

1. Light! Move your food to a window with indirect light or take it outside. That's the easiest trick to capture the natural colours of the food.

2. If using a phone for food photos, try restricting the depth of field by shooting from above or holding the food against a simple background. A wall or a friend with a one-coloured sweater usually works fine.

3. Focus on making the actual food looking good. If you have a pretty dish, very little else is needed.

Mocha-Morning-Buzz-banner{image - Mocha Morning Buzz}

What do you love about living in Sweden? Are there any restaurants, cafes, stores you visit for inspiration? 

I think my favourite thing about Sweden is to pick berries and mushrooms in the forest during the late summer and early autumn. It feels like walking in a gold mine, filling buckets with the most amazing superfoods. We do have a couple of favourite places around Stockholm and have listed them here.

When did you first become aware of Loving Earth and what's your favourite way to use our foods? 

I remember that we found your Luvju hearts in a health food store here in Stockholm and loved them. And when we later did a 3 months trip to Australia with our kids, we got hooked on your Buckinis, Chocolates and Coconut Paste. We use them for breakfast, baking and in smoothies!

Spicy_apple_carrot-Banner{image - Spicy Apple & Carrot ‘Hot Toddy’}

What’s next on the horizon for Green Kitchen Stories?

Apart from our new smoothie book that is just out and that we feel really excited about promoting, we are actually also working on another, bigger book which is more focused on quick dishes, shortcuts and how we cook healthy food at home.

For more foodie inspiration check out Green Kitchen Stories Instagram & and website.

This recipe is taken from Green Kitchen Smoothies by David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl, published by Hardie Grant Books and available now where all good books are sold. Find out more information on the book here.

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