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Featured Foodies

Featured Foodies – The Barefoot Housewife

Tina, you’re quite the jack of trades. Tell us a little bit about yourself!
Before my kids came along I ran a Graphic Design business with my brother. Then during my boys preschool years, I took a different path & started The Barefoot Housewife. I love how creative it can be, from recipe development to food styling & photography. I also love the flexibility it gives me working from my studio set up at home.

What are your ‘non-negotiables’ when it comes to diet & lifestyle?
I’m a big believer in seasonal plant-based food. I’m a huge fan of buying local produce. It’s cheaper, tastes better & hasn’t been shipped halfway across the world (just because we feel like cherries in winter). We can all benefit from adding more plant-based foods to our diet & avoiding processed pre-packaged food. Good wholesome food doesn’t need to be complicated, stressful or take lots of time.

You talk about family traditions & your Italian heritage! can you share yours with us?
My love of food most definitely started with my Nonna (grandmother). She made almost everything from scratch, from pasta to cakes with produce she grew herself. There was hardly the need for pre-packaged food. When something was nearing the end of its season it was bottled, pickled or preserved for another time. My Zia Rita (Aunty) is the queen of this and makes the best melanzane (pickled eggplant under olive oil). Last year she made pickled green tomatoes from the last of my brother's tomatoes. What can I say, we love our food & love to cook! When there is a gathering at my mum's house you can bet she would have been cooking all day. We always eat communal style with big share plates. Something I hope to recreate in my ebook ‘Plant Parties’. There will be some of these traditional recipes included & plant-based twists on old family favourites.

What are you 3 top tips for Instagram & food photography/styling? 
1. Shoot in the natural indirect light. I have a large south facing window that does the job nicely.
2.Think about your angle & what is going to work best for your dish.My two favourites are:90° (top down) for anything flat, like smoothie bowls, pizza & pasta.0° (straight on) for anything stacked, like burgers, sandwiches, pancakes & cookies.
3. You don’t need to spend a fortune on props. Some of my favourite pieces have been a few dollars from Op shops, markets & garage sales.

You can only share one recipe as your legacy…what would it be? 
Wow! that’s a hard one. Probably my Vegan Lemon Tarts, we love them & they're my most liked & shared recipe on The Barefoot Housewife.

When did you first become aware of Loving Earth and what's your favourite way to use our foods?
Back in 2014 I posted a recipe for a Raw Chocolate Jaffa tart using Loving Earth products. I love using them in raw desserts!

What is Loving The Earth to you?
Being mindful in the choices I make. Shopping locally & seasonally. Bringing my own bags to the shops & saying no to plastic ones. Making sustainable choices, like reusable containers, growing my own veggies, buying in bulk, recycling cans/jars for other uses. Every little bit counts!

For more foodie inspiration check out Tina's Instagram and website.

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