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Friends of Loving Earth: Kale Brock of Kales Broccoli

Meet our friend, Kale Brock. Yep, that’s right, just like the cruciferous vegetable ;) Kale’s your go-to guy when it comes to health, wellness and in particular, “gut-health”. He’s a surfer, health-advocate, gut-health-guru, an award-nominated writer and speaker… and now recently adding “filmmaker” to his long and impressive list of titles. What can’t he do?!
Now coming out with his second documentary, "The Longevity Film”, we sat down to hear about his journey on traveling to some of the worlds happiest places as he uncovers the topic of living a long, happy and healthy life.

First up, we’ve got to ask, where does your name come from?

The cruciferous vegetable family. Hehe. Everybody asks me if I changed my name because I’m in the health industry - I didn’t. I was born as Kale Brock which is kinda one and a half vegetables - so I’ve rolled with it and adopted kalesbroccoli as my little handle.

I think it was the only name on Dad’s list that Mum could handle - so I’m stuck with it.

Your trailer for ‘the Longevity Film’ made me very happy. What was it like travelling to all the happiest places on the planet?

That’s good! Stories are meant to make you feel something, and that’s really my entire life’s mission; to tell emotive stories. This one was no different. I had to go into it with an open mind, a flexible schedule, and a curious approach just to capture everything in an honest way. So, traveling to these longevity cultures, where the average life expectancy far exceeds our own, where their health spans pretty much match their life spans (they spend very little time sick throughout life) and where they experience very little depression & anxiety was incredible. Any travel that you can do with that sort of curious mindset, one of non-judgement, is going to be an amazing experience and this was no different. I was just lucky enough to capture it on film for the doco.

What was you favourite place?

Ikaria in Greece is, I think, the quintessential example of longevity culture in action. It’s so stunningly beautiful, cliché Mediterranean even, however what really attracted me was the people. Everybody I met was so kind, giving and honest. They live at a more moderate pace, sure, but they’ve still got plenty to do. I think the real difference between us in ‘the West’ and the Ikarians though is that they conduct themselves with such a deep present state awareness.

There is no rushing, no hurry, no worries. The gardening has to be done, sometimes all day, but they’re not doing the gardening in order to get home and relax, they’re doing the gardening to do the gardening. They’ll walk down the street to see a friend and might bump into five or six other friends along the way with whom they’ll sip coffee, watch the sunset, converse and laugh whilst Greek music hums along peacefully in the background. For me, it was the ultimate longevity experience and gives us a great recipe to follow for a life well-lived. I’ll definitely be going back for a non-work trip!

What was your biggest epiphany about longevity during the filming?

That a great, long & happy life free from disease is totally attainable by everybody in the world. Right now we suffer miserably en route to our deathbed, with sickness and loss of function expected in the later years. This does not need to be normal. We’ve just made it so by living in a certain way that’s not conducive to great health & longevity. The research suggests that ageing is only 25% genetic, which means that 75% of the equation is left up to us; the millions of tiny decisions we’ll make throughout our lifetime about what to eat, what to think, who to hang out with and how to move will all come together to create essential pillars of longevity & wellness that could easily add ten quality years to the average person’s life expectancy.

Have you always had so much energy and how do you keep it up?!

Kind of. I had a big dip when I was younger and went through some sickness. I was diagnosed with a heart condition at 16 and forced to change my lifestyle to cater for it. I’m pretty lucky to have had that because it steered me in this direction of putting my wellbeing right at the forefront of my priorities.

I think energy comes from doing what you love in life. I really try to say yes only to things which align with my higher goals, I try to avoid people who don’t align with them, I pursue activities which support me attaining these goals. When you do that, I feel like there’s no reason not to be energetic.

Oh, and I surf every day, surfing injects me with so much energy it’s insane.

You are so aware of health. What’s the one thing you want people to know and take into their lives?

Relax. Slow down. There are no rules except the ones you create yourself.

You seem to be totally on top of good eating…any secret food vices?

I mean I don’t know if it’s a vice but I’m a huge sucker for movie nights on Tuesdays with a whole bar of Hazelnut Loving Earth in my hand. And this isn’t just to be nice to you haha - I may be Sydney’s number one consumer of Hazelnut Loving Earth chocolate bars.

Since I was 16, I’ve just truly fallen in love with good, clean & healthy food. I crave salad just as much as I crave chocolate haha and I listen to those cravings because they’re my body calling out for something. Extreme diets are boring, I want colour and fun surrounded by good people.

Where are you going to take us next in your film journey?

Into the 1970s in outback South Australia… but that’s all I can share right now ;)

Thanks Kale! Don't forget to check out more of him over on Insta!

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