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  • A Day In A Plate


    A Day In A Plate: Lilian Dikmans - Real Food Healthy Body

    I make time to eat well because I like to feel good. Eating real, unprocessed foods with plenty of vegetables keeps me full of energy and functioning at my best. I drink water throughout the day in between my meals and I always make room for some healthy treats because I don’t believe in deprivation!
  • People

    Featured Foodie: Georgia McDermott - George Eats

    "I need healthy food, a solid 8 hours of sleep (at least) and lots of water to function like a normal human being. I've always been very sensitive to eating badly, dehydration and lack of sleep - I cannot fathom how people pull all nighters! I know it's all very boring for a 23 year old, but I really can't be a nice person otherwise."
  • Tips

    Guilt & Conscious Eating – Snacking & Breakfasts

    So often we see products in our industry advertised as ‘guilt free’, illustrating just how problematic concepts around food and health can be. What is it that inspires ‘guilt’ around what we eat?
  • People

    Women Leading Change

    On an autumn morning in May, 500 women gathered at Melbourne Convention Centre to be inspired, to be uplifted, but above all to connect. Welcome to Women Leading Change.
  • People

    Featured Foodie: Ellie Bullen - Elsa's Wholesome Life

    We’ve been watching Ellie grow over the past year or so and have been amazed at the remarkable food she continually produces! Ellie is a dietician student currently living on the sunny Gold Coast. By checking through her lovely recipes it’s easy to see that she is a plant loving foodie with loads of creative kitchen ideas.
  • Chocolate

    Friends of Loving Earth

    New Chocolate Packaging - what's the story?

    Today we show the world our new chocolate packaging! It's pretty fact, no - it's VERY exciting! We've been working on this since last year and it took a LOT of doing before we were satisfied. If you look closely, you'll notice there's a whole system at play why did we do this, and how does it work?
  • People

    Featured Foodie: Kate Bradley - Kenkō Kitchen

    "After being diagnosed with coeliac disease earlier this year and being lactose intolerant these are now my biggest non-negotiables. I used eat gluten on occasions before this diagnosis but after being hospitalised for a week with a completely depleted immune system I now extremely strict and conscious of what I eat and put on my body."
  • People

    Nic From "The Fit Inn" Is Giving Away His Business

    We’ve been big fans of The Fit Inn since they opened in Melbourne’s North Fitzroy a year ago. Healthy food, available for takeaway, and without an outrageous price tag. Just our kind of thing! So the other week we had a chat with owner Nic Frances Gilley - the original social entrepreneur - and then yesterday we found out that he’s giving his business away! Literally, giving it away! It’s mad. So what’s the whole idea with The Fit Inn? Cormac had a chat with Nic to find out...
  • Sustainability


    The Path To Sustainability

    Sustainability is one the main principles of Loving Earth. It’s all very well to espouse such an ideal, but what are we actually doing about it? Well, our Campbellfield factory has just been certified entirely Carbon Neutral for electricity. We're looking to change over our new Scoresby facility as well. The fact is that to operate a business and do more good than harm to the planet is very, very difficult.
  • People

    A Day in the Plate: Taline Gabrielian - Hippie Lane

    Taline Gabriellian is a passionate, determined and grateful mother of two who thinks food, family & style is everything. After finding out that some foods did not work for her body and beginning her healthy food journey Taline discovered her food intolerences were really a blessing in disguise! With a strong sweet tooth Taline began experimenting and formed a healthy obsession with vegan sweet treats, and Hippie Lane was born! This is her 'day in a plate'.
  • Tips

    49 Ways To Be Happy and Healthy in 2015!

    All of those heartfelt resolutions and well-laid plans have a habit of slipping in the still-festive post-Christmas period. That's no reason to abandon them though, and now that we've started to get into the swing of 2015, it's the perfect time to take a step back and reflect for a moment on what we want to do differently this year.
  • Sustainability

    Gubinge - Real Health, Real Change

    Seven years into our Gubinge project and things are taking off in a BIG way. This plucky little plum is the highest source of Vitamin C in the world and a powerful indigenous Australian superfood. Now, after a huge amount of dedication and hard work from our allies in Western Australia, the local area is really seeing the fruits of this labour...

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