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    Featured Foodie: Stacey Clare - A Healthy Mum

    Stace loves to create healthy recipes the whole family can enjoy, together. She is an accredited health and wellness coach with years of experience in the kitchen developing recipes for both clients and her family! 
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    Re-inspire Your Yoga Practice: Tips For Staying And Getting Back On The Mat

    Starting a yoga practice is a lot like entering into a marriage; you’re in for the long haul and it requires commitment, dedication, and love to stop it from going stale or even off the rails! You’ll have weeks and months where everything’s sailing along smoothly, and other periods where it’ll be more than a little rocky, you’ll feel like you’ve hit a physical or mental roadblock and wonder whether it's worth all the effort.
  • People

    Plump Organic Grocery: A Community Store

    Sitting down with Jock, the owner of Plump Organic Grocer, you are immediately struck by the fact that this is a real community minded business. In the 30 minutes that we chatted no fewer than 5 people stopped to say hello, engaging in the day-to-day running of this longstanding organic business. Founded on principles of fresh local produce with strict organic labels, Plump has been one of our longest-serving customers. Here Jock muses on the challenges facing organic business and reminisces on how the industry has developed! 
  • Sustainability

    Gubinge Harvest 2014

    Just this morning we received 3,000kg of Gubinge from our friends in the Kimberley! Then, right this afternoon, we received these beautiful photographs plus this fantastic account of time out on the land during harvest. A huge thank you to Lahea for sending these to us.
  • People

    Featured Foodie: Amy Crawford - A Nourishing Kitchen

    Looking back through the archives we realised that we've been connected to Amy for close to a year. First when she took part in our Kale Competition and now as a Featured Foodie. In between times, Amy has achieved many milestones, both professionally and personally. Read on to learn the secret to this foodie’s success and how she survived a week without technology!
  • Food

    Antioxidants And Your Health

    ‘Boasting the highest ORAC values of all natural foods - Maqui Berries are packed with free radical fighting antioxidants!’ Free radicals?! Is that some kind of anarchist group?! And what’s an ORAC? And now that we mention it, what exactly are antioxidants...and why should YOU care?!
  • The Sustainable World

    DIY Composting

    Compost is not exactly one of the most hash-tagged topics floating around and certainly the thought of decaying food and plant matter doesn’t really get the hype and attention that it deserves! But, if you have ever felt distant from the massive climate change issue, as I have been in the past, and wonder "how on earth can I create some degree of change?", well, the way we dispose of our food waste can be the simple first step to making a lasting change and reducing waste.
  • Sustainability

    Sustainability On Our Mind

    Composting Awareness Week is a great way to get people talking about natural ways to create healthy soils and reduce carbon pollution. We took this opportunity to talk with Bron, our sustainability-minded Product Development Manager and composting enthusiast about what Loving Earth is doing to reduce our environmental impact.
  • Food is Sacred

    It’s a grain! It’s a cereal! No – It’s Buckwheat!

    It looks like a grainy cereal, it sounds like some kind of wheat – but surprisingly enough, Buckwheat is none of those. It is actually the seed of a fruit. In fact, Buckwheat is not related to wheat at all, it comes from the sorrel, knotweed and rhubarb family. This stuff is so popular, there is an actual international symposium on buckwheat held every three years! If you cannot make it to the next one – here are some things you should know about this mystery super food...
  • Food is Sacred

    All About Superfoods - Part 2

    In Part 1 of this series, we discussed the elements that define superfoods. We also discussed the fact that although there's considerable research being conducted surrounding our health and wellbeing, the results of these studies may not be entirely accurate. This is because in real life there are always various complex factors that cannot be accounted for. Fortunately, ancient cultures have been carrying out their own "studies" with research based on experimentation and experience over thousands of years! All we have to do is learn from their deep understanding of how nature has completely provided us with the means necessary for a healthy and vibrant life.
  • Health

    All About Superfoods - Part 1

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard the term: superfoods. Amidst all the outrageous claims, there has to be some kernel of truth…so what are superfoods, really? Part 1 of this two-part series is an attempt to get a clearer understanding of what qualities define a superfood.
  • Sustainability

    Gubinge - Out On The Harvest Part III

    In the third part of our series on the Gubinge Harvest, we consider ancestral histories, the local area and the future of the Twin Lakes region. This is the final part of the series we began three weeks ago to celebrate the release of our two Nyul Nyul teas.

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