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Sustainability On Our Mind

Composting Awareness Week is a great way to get people talking about natural ways to create healthy soils and reduce carbon pollution. We took this opportunity to talk with Bron, our sustainability-minded Product Development Manager and composting enthusiast about what Loving Earth is doing to reduce our environmental impact.

Hi Bron, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Well, I grew up by the beach so I love being in the sun near the waves.

Yes I see you ride your bike to work even on the worst days…. 

I am definitely an outdoors kind of person – I love being in nature. And I love travelling – some of my favourite travel experiences have been while I was hiking in the Andes, Patagonia and Ethiopia. So yes, it’s safe to say I’d rather be outdoors!

What brought you to Loving Earth?

When I finished my degree in Occupational Therapy, I though I should have a positive impact on the health industry in a broader sense and not just one-to-one. So Loving Earth was the perfect place to be able to do that.


30g{image - 30g home compostable wrappers}


You always look so busy, what do you do around here?

(Laughs) Bit of everything I guess… I have to be almost a jack-of-all-trades. I have two main responsibilities - product development, which means when Scott has an idea for a new type of product, I follow it from conception to shelf. Sometimes I get to go to beautiful places to meet our growers, which is always a lot of fun.

My other main responsibility is packaging, which involves the design and the materials used. This is the really exciting bit – since product packaging has such a major impact on the environment.

Can you give us a bit of insight into what you’re doing at LE to reduce this impact?

For starters, our chocolate boxes are made from post consumer fibre with vegetable based inks rather than the chemical stuff. This means we aren’t cutting down any new trees to make our boxes and no toxic chemicals are seeping into our water supplies because of the harmful dyes used in inks.

The clear film our 80g chocolate is wrapped in, looks like regular plastic but is actually 100% plant based and completely compostable, and made from renewable sources. The boxes that that this wrapped chocolate sit in are made from 97% post consumer recycled fibre (as are our Buckinis boxes pictured below).

The packaging for our 30g chocolates (pictured above) are home compostable and made from renewable plant  sources.

The jars used for our Superfoods are eternally recyclable, I have an entire row of them in my window growing small succulents! The girls from Customer Service use them as pencil holders on their desks!


Cereal-Range-Group-Shot_homepage-banner{image - 97% post consumer recycled fibre packaging printed with vegetable inks}


So the eco-awareness is part of the office as well?

Yes definitely, even the paper we use in our office and kitchen are recycled. We don’t use personalised business cards to avoid the paper wastage.

Don’t we use those little white balls for packing as well?

Yes, that’s called ‘bio-fill’, which is made from corn-starch and it is compostable. Also, the bubble wrap we use is made from 100% recycled plastic.

So what lies ahead for LE in terms of sustainability?

Well our long-term goal is to eliminate all plastic from our entire operations and hopefully shift entirely to renewable sources for our power and energy requirements. That one is going to be pretty difficult but also very rewarding. For the time being, my personal goal is to push for a paperless office.

I know you need to run back to your office soon, so I will ask just one last question – what do you like best about working at LE?

The thing I get excited about most is that we are challenging the status quo. Almost like setting a precedent – businesses can run harmoniously with the environment and every decision does not have to be solely financially motivated. One does not have to cut corners all the time. Knowing that I work in a place that believes in this keeps me motivated. 

Thank you for your time Bron, that was very informative. One thing that Bron didn’t mention about herself is that she is a passionate composting ethusiast - check out Bron's blog on DIY Composting here.

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