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  • Saag curry is a really versatile base that generally contains cubes of paneer cheese, potato and cauliflower. I used cubes of baked sweet potato for this one, which added a lovely subtle sweetness that contrasted with the spicy green masala base. I also made a speedy Cashew yogurt and a tart Chaat, onion and crushed papadum salad. Chaat spice is a great addition to the pantry; it’s made from various spices including mango powder, pomegranate ...

  • India is a huge country with so many different cultures and cuisines. The food and flavours in every state can differ dramatically! My family is from the North where fast food and shortcuts are seriously frowned upon. Though we are quite snobbish regarding cuisine from different regions, I decided to try my hand at a South-Indian style dish. It is the mustard seeds, curry leaves and ground coconut that give it that distinctive coastal flavour ...

  • This Soba Salad is a great light lunch idea, and with strawberries coming into season, it’s a nice savoury way to make the most of them. You can use a variety of vegetables, but I like to use something baked, something blanched and a bunch of raw extras to make the dish complex but also simple.- Gian Manik

  • This was one of the first recipes I ever learned to make, back when I was a recent convert to vegetarianism. My mum was trying to come up with nutritious and interesting ways to cater to myself and my sister’s latest way to be a pain in the arse and this came from a lovely wholefoods cookbook published by Sainsburys in the ‘80s. I couldn’t find the original recipe and haven’t made it for close ...

  • Once again, coconut is the star of the dish. It definitely pays to have all of the fresh herbs and spices to make a flavourful paste, then adding some cooling Coconut Paste to create a balanced, creamy and healthy bowl of goodness. I decided to make this one extra green, but with all the great fresh produce around, use any vegetables you want!

  • This delicate clear broth is great for the change of season weather today. It packs a big hit of aromatic spices and herbs, slow-cooked with pumpkin to release a maximum flavored stock base that infuses into the vegetables. All it needed was plenty of fresh herbs on top and some chili for added spice.- Gian Manik

  • This recipe reminds me of when I was really small and I would go to my Grandmothers friends house, Nana Puzio and she would make an Eastern European spread with all the trimmings. The taste of this soup reminded me of a pea soup she used to make but this one has completely different ingredients. It really is comforting cooking a pot of potatoes with a simple stock and some fresh green apples, with just ...

  • I really love using spices, especially experimenting with their versatility in savoury and sweet dishes. It's great to add a pinch of something and then see how you go. This take on a classic hawker-style street dish replaces roasted peanuts as the base with our Brazil Nuts, some Coconut Sugar, lemon and cardamom for and interesting twist. As with most multi ingredient vegetable dishes, cook everything separately and everyone can select a combination of textures ...

  • Today we're making Tree-Based Milk. You can change the quantities to different variations according to the type of nuts you have access to. You can change the cashews to activated almonds or vice versa. Make sure that you make enough to last you a week, as they'll keep in the fridge so that you can add it to your cereals, muesli, coffee or whatever else you usually use milk or soya milk in!

  • This protein rich milk substitute is packed with not only flavour but also Superfoods! Serve chilled on a summer’s day for a delicious snack that will also support your detoxification pathways due to the rich vitamin C content of gubinge.  - Emma Sutherland

  • Where there’s a will there’s a way (to eat chocolate for breakfast). With one lonely orange in the fruit bowl, some previously opened coconut water and a huge place in my taste bud’s heart for cacao, this creation was a delight in the making AND consumption. It’s easily ‘veganised’, refined sugar free and full of goodness.      Amy Crawford - The Holistic Ingredient

  • There is a lot of hidden refined sugar in most store bought jams so it's great to have a healthy recipe in your repertoire. This recipe is really simple and is inspired by one of our lovely Instagram followers! Simply spread on toast, mix into porridge or use as part of a jammy cookie or slice recipe. - Emily Williamson

  • This is one of the easiest and most nutrient dense fermented beverages and a personal favourite of mine. You can add the Beet Kvass to salad dressings, soup or wherever a slightly sour earthy taste is desired. After making your Beet Kvass, use the leftover beets to make a simple roasted beetroot soup, it of course will have a more sour taste then fresh beetroot. - Marieke Rodenstein

  • This is a lovely creamy salad dressing with the added benefit of containing  probiotics from the Fermented Beet Kvass. I love the pink colour the dressing takes on from the Beet Kvass! Dress a simple salad or drizzle over roasted veggies and sprinkle with za'atar for a satisfying earthy meal.- Emily Williamson

  • Aside from this being insanely pretty, strawberries and acai make for a refreshing and detoxifying smoothie. Full of antioxidants to clear your skin, this one is great a great way to start your day if you’re feeling a bit run-down.

  • Mini Bitter Chocolate Mousse Tart with Cacao Nibs is an easy recipe to make. With a little bit of time, it will result in a complex blend of bitter sweet perfection to satisfy any palate. This is a decadent experience; a modern Mayan moment to celebrate life. What better way to start our new adventure in delivering two recipes a week, using seasonal fair trade ingredients and presenting them in an elegant and inspired way!

  • Oh yeeeah! If you are like me, then you will love this recipe. Sour punch! Granny Smith apples are in season and they go perfectly with cinnamon and Loving Earth's Sour Cherries... I know it sounds cold...'granita'...but I've seen you guys eat gelato in the middle of winter. If we're talking cold desserts, then this is by far the best thing to have during this Melbourne winter!

  • What makes the mascarpone cheese really cheesy is not just the best cashews that you can get from Loving Earth, but also the mesquite powder, which adds that little extra creamy caramel flavour to the mascarpone. The VISUAL is everything. So, make sure that you do use pink peppercorns for this baby, otherwise Loving Earth sour cherries or cacao nibs will do the trick!

  • Here is an easy chocolate mud cake with white mulberry caramel that will fullfill your soul's chocolatiest fantasies! We have used Loving Earth's White Mulberries in recipes from previous weeks. Now you're going to try them in a very different context - you'll be amazed at how they complement the caramel in this recipe.

  • Enjoy these little babies of mine...they're extremely addictive! Oh, and you can have these with or without the Cacao Nibs....but most important are the Sour Cherries!

  • This is a great way to spice up those old favourites! Desserts, snacks, breakfasts...all of them gain a fresh dimension with the addition of Infused Natural Sweeteners. This will really make your desserts taste extra special and add that extra depth of flavour which you've been looking for! Just imagine making tree-based ice creams and topping with infused Agave Nectar or Yacon Syrup... just a drizzle is all it takes.

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