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  • One of our runners-up in The Green Challenge!

  • Spanakopita is best described as a spinach pie wrapped in filo (phyllo) pastry and cooked in the oven until golden brown. Bearing in mind that there are a lot of raw foodies and people with gluten intolerance, I have provided two alternatives; one with pastry and one without. The deconstructed version of this recipe is a healthy snack you can whip up in next to no time. However, if you would like to use pastry ...

  • Bearing in mind that there are a lot of raw foodies and people with gluten intolerance, I have prepared this recipe using pumpkin as a pastry alternative. If you don't want to use the pumpkin you could use some pre-made pastry from your local shop or leave the pastry out entirely and use the filling for a deconstructed samosa salad.

  • Bearing in mind that there are a lot of raw foodies and people with gluten intolerance, I have prepared this recipe using pumpkin as a pastry alternative. I find this a simple and no-nonsense recipe that always impresses my guests. I have used cashew milk in this recipe because I feel it adds a nice, creamy texture to the dish. Cashew milk is easy to make at home, just follow the video below.

  • For lunch today we were treated to a healthy wrap over flowing with tomato, rocket, cashew mayo, quinoa patties and topped off with beetroot salsa. We loved it so much we couldn't wait to share it with you!

  • This creamy and perfectly sweet chia seed pudding is so full of goodness it can be eaten for breakfast, a light snack or as a silky sweet dessert. As it has a base of coconut milk, and is naturally sweetened with a touch of honey, it is free from refined sugar, dairy and gluten. What I love most about this recipe is that it does not need to be cooked, simply place all the ingredients ...

  • I find the best breakfasts to be those that take minimal preparation but also provide you with the best nutritional start to the day. As a result this has been my go to meal of late. Most of the preparation is carried out the night before, leaving you free in the morning to sit and really enjoy you meal.

  • This breakfast will leave you full and energized, never bloated, and keep you powering through the morning. It's the perfect combination of plant-powered protein, slow-release wholegrain carbohydrates, and essential fats, that will make your tummy and brain cells sing. A great alternative to store-bought cereals, most of which are full of refined sugars, over-processed grains, and have little to no nutrients left.

  • This loaf is super nutritious and also very easy to make. It is full of whole, unprocessed ingredients making it a great snack to have in the house. Feel free to mix it up a little, replacing the mulberries with your favourite dried fruit or nuts.

  • Oh yes I am an absolute maniac therefore I get to eat lots of these. These raw macaroons, paired with a nice, calming tea, are my new favourite stress remedy.

  • Full of activated nuts, which have been soaked and sprouted, this almond and beetroot dip takes care of afternoon hunger cravings. Full of protein from the almonds, you are ensuring your body is well taken care of. The beetroot not only adds a lovely colour but goes a long way gently aid detoxification.

  • Who needs fake highly processed protein powders, bars and shakes, filled with synthetic chemicals and artificial sweeteners (toxic!), when you can refuel naturally with whole foods?

  • A fast blanch and simple seasoning is the way to go for this amazing spring produce. I served it up with San Choy Bow and a hot chilli sauce!

  • We are never short of blown away by Kat and the amazing creations she takes along to some of our Sydney retailers. Her recent recipe is no different. Here she combines dried fruits and nuts with superfoods and native wattle seeds to create a glorious afternoon snack!

    This recipe is very forgiving and loves experimentation! You can try coconut flour or buckwheat flour in the place of Buckinis and experiment with different dried berries/fruits and spices and then adjust the coconut butter or regular organic butter as required.

  • A super simple and delicious topping for so many dishes. We enjoyed it sitting on top of our veggie burgers, but are also looking forward to enjoying it right through summer!

  • Designed with my 20 month old daughter in mind, these yummy little jellies are the perfect way to boost your health and get some detox friendly supplements into your diet. You can substitute different juices but make sure they are home made and organic. They look adorable and taste sublime! - Emma Sutherland

  • If, like me, you find yourself scavenging for a sugar-fuelled pick-me-up at around 3.30 every afternoon, give this recipe a go. I would go so far as to say they are as good, if not better, than the original Coconut Rough and the guilt-free factor will have you adding this recipe to your clean-eating repertoire - just don't eat the whole batch in one go (they are yummy, don't say I didn't warn you). - ...

  • The words ‘Chocolate Chip Cookies’ make me melt! I think most of us would have devoured a few in our time so I wanted to make a vegan + gluten free version of the cookies I have such fond memories of! Big chunks of the Creamy Coconut Mylk Chocolate make this cookie a heavenly experience! - Emily Williamson

  • Parsnips have a slightly nutty and sweet flavour and is a vegetable that is often forgotten about. Most of the flavour is right beneath the skin so make sure you buy organic and give them a good scrub before using. Carrot cake has really stood the test of time and this recipe mixes things up combining carrot and parsnip in a lovely moist cake!

  • This recipe is so easy, and is especially fun to make with kids. These are delicious raw, too, but if you want some crunch, cook them as described below. Also feel free to tweak them by adding goji berries or even chilli (as I’ve been known to do!). - Lola Berry

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