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  • This cheap and wholesome meal takes around 1 hour to prepare and can easily feed a hungry family. I have used cashew milk in this recipe made with Loving Earth’s Really Raw Cashews. Nut milk is a great alternative to soy or cow’s milk! The video below will take you through the process step by step.

  • You don’t have to use the vegetables I have included here, anything in season would be a great substitution. The important part is to make sure there are lots of different colours to make it more appealing to kids. Can be served hot or cold.

  • My partner claims this recipe is better than a meat bolognaise. It’s easy to make and you can use the same filling for a healthy lasagne. To make it even more appealing to kids, you can try adding fun dinosaur or farm animal shaped pasta.

  • This is one of my favourite recipes and can be easily tailored to your family. There is no chilli in this recipe, to suit delicate mouths, but you can easily add some if you want a hotter dahl.

  • This is the perfect meal to cure those hunger pangs on these chilly winter days. A fresh and tasty salad paired with a warming serve of rich tomato pasta!

  • When the days are cloudy and the winds are mighty fresh there is nothing better then taking some time and putting a big pot of soup on the stove. Today we were treated to minestrone soup, drizzled with a very nourishing kale pesto!

  • The macrobiotic way of life is based on achieving and maintaining a dynamic balance with our environment in nature and the universe, beginning most fundamentally with the proper selection and preparation of our daily foods. This recipe complements the full balance of Macrobiotic eating, while this plate can seem like quite a bit of preparation, the extra effort makes a truly beautiful meal. - Harvest

  • Get ready to put Café Del Mar on repeat and carpe diem. These garlic-y braised lentils are definitely for those in long term relationships or those flying solo, as the flavour tends to linger. Served on a bed of fluffy mash with seasonal root vegetables, these lentils go perfectly with a leafy green sweet salad. Say C'est la vie to the winter blues as you will be B*witched by this meal. – Gian xoxo

  • This recipe celebrates all things Mediterranean, it takes advantage of the wonderful selection of Spring and Summer vegetables, whilst using a combination of raw and cooked foods. It uses plently of olive oil and can be served with or without bread. While there are many processes and ingrediets, feel free to mix and match making all or only a part of the dishes. Finally I say do as the Mediterranean's do and enjoy with a ...

  • Burgers can be such an indulgent and heavy meal to enjoy. This recipe is totally different as it requires a wide range of vegetables and a nice dose of nuts and seeds. We enjoyed these along side fresh cos lettuce, tomato and cucumber, topped with a quick pickle and some herbed cashew cream cheese! See our photo gallery here!

  • This is a lovely light dish, which is actually quite quick to prepare and makes for a great energizing mid week meal when you’re running out of steam. You will have enough pasta for 2, and plenty of broccoli cream which makes a great dip to have through the week as a healthy snack – delicious with fresh vegetables; the classics like celery and carrot sticks, but also try sliced radish, broccoli stalks, cauliflower and ...

  • Hi everyone, this is Scott here. I have to admit it...this is my secret power source! Our Buckini Deluxe mix has almost everything in it, but I find that a sprinkling of our Gubinge powder and Acai powder on top really supercharges it. Not only do they add to the flavour but the colours are beautiful. This keeps me going in the mornings and long into the afternoon; with a bowl of this, I'll often ...

  • Another staple recipe to go in your Essentials folder! This is a basic fermented vegan cheese that we'll be doing a lot with over the coming months. It'll last a while in your fridge, so just like the Tree-Based Milk, you can make a big batch and store it for whenever you need. Dairy-free cheese which still contains plenty of protein!

  • One of my very favourites... coconut yoghurt. As you'll remember the Infused Natural Sweeteners from last week, well this is the perfect time to use the different batches that you've made to sweeten up this beautiful yoghurt recipe! If you've not yet had a chance, now is the time to make them! The pure decadence of using the Infused Dark Agave Nectar with cinnamon (or indeed, any of the Infused Natural Sweetner recipes) with this yoghurt ...

  • Not sure about you guys, but watermelon soup with something savory belongs to my upbringing. I'm originally from Iran, and I remember bits and pieces from back in the days when I was growing up in Tehran. Watermelon and cream cheese was one of the things that has been ingrained and stamped into my memory from childhood summer Tehran times... try it out and let me know how you get on!

  • Traditionally a canelé is a small French pastry with a soft and tender custard center and a dark, thick caramelized crust. This is my take on this French classic. Cacao again is at the forefront of this dish but is offset nicely with the freshness of the mulberries and the spice of the ginger. I often breakout these bad boys for dinner parties, particularly as they are so quick and easy to make. Last time I made ...

  • A raw vegan breakfast: diverse, delicious and healthy!

  • Now this dish may sound like a slightly leftfield electro-folk band (if that genre even exists!) but it is in fact a rather delicious desert. Pear is by far my favourite fruit to work with as it so versatile, working wonderfully when used in its raw form but equally delicious when cooked. The Agave Nectar that comprises the base of the glaze is what makes this dish for me. This intense sweetness coupled with warming ...

  • A raw vegan breakfast which is incredibly luxurious yet really healthy and vibrant. Try this for a fun, active morning to chase away the Autumn chills which are beginning to creep up on us here in Melbourne...the world's most changeable city!

  • This is a great appetiser for parties and is both healthy and appealing to kids.

  • One of our runners-up in The Green Challenge! Compliments of Amy Crawford.

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