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  • Sweet potatoes make the best muesli bars. These beauties are delicious and are especially amazing when eaten straight from the freezer.

    Buckinis are activated buckwheat kernels. Being activated means they are super easy to digest. Interestingly, although its name can be misleading, buckwheat is actually not a grain. It is a fruit seed, related to rhubarb and sorrel. This makes is gluten free and therefore perfect for coeliacs and those who are sensitive to gluten grains.

  • Crepes are a dessert favourite and when they're this healthy, they should be a lunchbox favourite too. Play with the fillings and have some fun. These are especially great with peanut butter and coconut chips.

    Coconut is a great option when you're looking for a gluten and grain-free alternative. It's packed with protein and good fats for your heart and general wellbeing.

  • Perfect, nut-free bliss balls the kids will love. Carob is packed with iron, which helps to transport blood around the body, keeping you alert and focused. A perfect addition to anyone's lunchbox.

  • The simple things in life are often the best. Made with just two ingredients, these cookies are a perfect balance of good fats and natural sugars. Combined, the result is something incredibly delicious.

    These cookies are delicious served as is or for something extra special, use them to make healthy ice cream sandwiches. If they go soft, pop them in the freezer and they will crisp up nicely.

  • This is a super simple and delicious chocolatey treat that takes no time at all. By using a premixed pack of Chocolate Buckinis, we’ve done the hard work for you! Just add Coconut Paste and Cacao Butter and let set in the fridge! These are the perfect healthy treat alternative for school lunches and birthday parties.

    Store these in the fridge or in the freezer if the weather is really warm so they don't melt by morning tea time!

  • These babies are soul satisfying, nourishing morsels of goodness with just the right amount of spice.

    When choosing apples, look out for the Granny Smith variety. They contain less fructose than the red varieties and are just as sweet when cooked.

  • Once again taking the inspiration from the great Ottolenghi, today’s lunch is an interesting combination of tart, sweet and salty with roasted cauliflower, celery, currants and capers. All of the added goodness means you don’t need much pasta, which is great for a sustained middle of the day energy boost!

  • Everyone knows that there is nothing like a good burger, and these sweet potato chickpea patties are a lovely excuse to eat burgers as often as you want ! Made from purely wholesome ingredients, load them up with your favourite burger toppings such as tomato, beetroot, onion relish and avocado and enjoy!

  • These Asian inspired summer rolls are perfect for a light, fresh meal or snack. While these are filled with carrot, cucumber, bean sprouts, capsicum, avocado, fresh herbs, rice noodles and crushed peanuts, feel free to add whatever vegetables and protein you like! Served with this delicious satay sauce, these babies become next level good! Enjoy.

  • Well, it’s sort of a macro bowl. When I think of this type of dish I imagine a diverse combination of simple, colourful and healthy flavours; cooked, pickled, blanched and raw. For this version, the ‘falafels’ are made from soaked buckwheat, chia, flax, sweet potato and plenty of herbs. To finish it off there’s a quick pickled cabbage and barberry slaw, roast cauliflower, some blanched asparagus and some fresh greens.

  • We all love a good smoothie here at Loving Earth! The weather is warming up and what is a smoothie obsessed girl to do? Make frozen smoothie pops! The beauty of this recipe is that you can change out the fruit for your favourites - the possibilities are endless.

  • Sauerkraut is one of the most well known types of fermented foods and is something I include in my diet most days. This recipe is a sweeter twist on the tradtional version with the addition of apple and fennel seed. When introducing fermented foods to your diet, it's important to start out with small amounts (1 tsp) and increase this over a few weeks up to 1/4 cup per day.

  • This is one my favourite things to have for breakfast and if I'm telling the truth, I sometimes have this as a cheeky afternoon snack too. Cacao takes centre place, offering you a really hearty (yet healthy) chocolatey punch. The sweet acidity of the Goji berries helps bind the whole dish together and as a massive fan of shredded coconut, for me this really couldn't be a better way to start the day.

  • Old school for sure, and very much ideal for a fast, easy and delicious soup recipe for the family when you're on the run!

    Don't forget the fresh chillies... but if you're not a big fan like me, then go with jalapeño instead!

  • The language of the heart – fantastic for those cold nights, next to a fireplace with your loved ones… straight up, this is my most loved and favourite soup recipe! The texture of the root vegetables and the flavour of the mace are just such a great compliment to one another. If you like, some rye bread goes down really well to finish off the notes of this flavour combination symphony!

  • Simple, flavourful & very Thai, this bad boy will satisfy anyone: raw, vegan, meat eaters or food lovers! You can even warm it up in a pot and throw in the zucchini noodles last minutes to add more warmth to your table.

  • Chowder - something that really reminds me of when I was living in the UK about 13 years ago. During the cold months in cloudy, rainy England, a nice wholesome chowder is about the only thing that will bring warmth into your heart. Although there's absolutely no way our months here in Melbourne are that bad, I'm excited to have such a great excuse to chow down on this wonderfully hearty dish!

  • Sometimes when I have a little extra time and I’m feeling a little fancy I like to create a double layer smoothie to put an even bigger smile on my face!

    Tahini is my latest obsession and is turning up in almost every meal I’m eating and now it’s made its way to my breakfasts. Packed with healthy fats, protein and even spinach this chocolate tahini smoothie is a healthy breakfast indulgence you definitely won’t regret!

  • I’m always so surprised how painless making raw desserts are, they are so much easier than a traditional baked cake - almost nothing can go wrong! The beautiful combination of rosewater and pistachio is a classic that has come together to create these gorgeous little tarts - a perfect dessert for a balmy evening.

  • A fun take on the classic Easter egg, these 2-tone eggs are so creamy and smooth! The tahini gives a rich full-bodied flavour and compliments the chocolate so well. They are fairly rich so you won’t have to eat too many before you are satisfied. A smart way to snack and a winner for children and adults alike.

  • This is not your typical granola. There are no oats, puffed rice or dried fruit. There is chocolate however, and we’re always excited to start the day with a healthy chocolatey fix! This gluten free mix is a perfect on-the-run breakfast or sprinkle over your favourite dessert or smoothie bowl.

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