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  • I love a good bundt cake! With all the grooves, it's the perfect kind of cake for icing, decorating and pouring melted chocolate over.

    But what's better than a bundt cake, are mini-bundt cakes. Maybe it's just me, but the super cute sizes make them even more delicious <3

  • Warm, gooey chocolate mug cakes for dessert. This one would make for a pretty heavenly breakfast too! It's so quick and easy to make (literally 5 minutes), you could really have it any time of the day. For something a little different, try buckwheat flour (using our plain buckinis!) in place of almond meal.
  • Cue Nigella voice - There’s something nourishing about using seasonal produce….but seriously it’s a pretty good feeling getting a whole heap of affordable organic and seasonal ingredients and making something wholesome and sweet to pair with a good cuppa.

  • This is Jo's detox green soup recipe that she often makes in the office for the week ahead. After this photoshoot we all devoured it for morning tea... safe to say this is a firm favourite recipe for Winter 2019! Double up the recipe and freeze for quick mid week meals.

  • Chocolate and beetroot. It seems like an unlikely combo but in actual fact, it's a match made in heaven! This cake's fruity, sweet, decadent and'd never know it's 100% plant-based, gluten free and grain free! Topped off with creamy homemade coconut whip with vibrant pink Pitaya powder from Unicorn Superfoods adding that POP of colour :)

  • This vegan curry recipe will win most meat-eater over! It’s one of my partner’s favourite dishes and I tell ya, he’s hard to impress!

  • This is the simplest chocolate mousse recipe ever. Using a base of only two ingredients; coconut cream and chocolate, you couldn’t get a more simple yet decadent dessert. The jaffa flavour can be polarizing but when using good quality rich dark chocolate, you literally can’t go wrong… the orange flavour fits in seamlessly and adds a natural citrusy sweetness. Plus these chocolate covered dried mandarin slices are insane! The dehydrating process means the flavours are concentrated and yes you can eat the skin and pith… In fact I think it actually intensifies the flavour!

  • Our "delightful bark" -  with just 5 ingredients, it's a super quick and easy treat to whip up! Make it for your 3pm pick-me-up or dessert. Be careful's hard to stop at just one piece!

  • It just wouldn't be Christmas without gingerbread! I just love the scent of ginger and cinnamon filling up the kitchen and house this time of the year <3

    Here's our healthy version of the classic favourite. We've decorated ours with lashings of coconut whipped cream, berries and in true Loving Earth style, squares of chocolate. Enjoy x

  • Is it just us or does adding in mint make everything taste like Christmas? Using our Crunchy Mint Chocolate for this Iced Hot Chocolate does just that :) If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, leave out the ice for a nice hot drink. Otherwise, cool down with this refreshing, frappe-like drink! - Kira Constable

  • No nasties, just everything nice. This banana "nice cream" is good enough to eat for breakfast. Top it off with all the fresh summer berries for an added festive feel!

  • There's no better way to celebrate the launch of our newest chocolate bar, Cashew Mylk, than with cake.  This double-layered cake is super rich and decadent with the addition of our cashew mylk and a delicious cashew cream frosting. Perfect for any celebratory occasion!

  • Cheesecake or tart for dessert? Sometimes it's just too hard to choose! That's why we rolled it into one for this No-Bake Lemon Cheesecake Tart. The hint of citrus in our Lemon Cheesecake chocolate gives this rich and creamy dessert a refreshing finish.

  • This is no ordinary green avocado smoothie - it's a creamy double layered chocolate version made with our cacao powder! It's great for satisfying those sweet chocolate cravings without the sugar crash! With the added health benefits of maca powder and chia seeds, it's the perfect nourishing breakfast or snack! - Kira Constable

  • Here's a way to get more servings of veggies into your day! A slice of our chocolate beetroot bundt cake with coconut chocolate ganache. Any excuse to eat chocolate, right? The pairing between our rich, velvety dark chocolate and the earthy flavour of beetroot is heavenly.

  • It's a swell time, jingle bell time... there is just something about cherries & Christmas, make your something this delectable cherry bomb slice!

  • A combo right for any take-a-plate occasion. Quick & easy - delightful & delicious.

  • ... absolutely no words need, well except for YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE.

    (so maybe six words, you need six words) *love heart eye emojis*

  • Take two of the worlds greatest things and combined them into the ultimate more-ish recipe. kick back, relax and reflect over 2017 with this marvelous concoction.

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