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  • The ultimate cold and flu fighter, this is a powerhouse healing elixir that we drink all winter long. In summer, it is just as good poured over ice.

  • While we take the time to form a smoothie that is pleasing to the eye, this smoothie is also perfect for when you've got to run out the door and need an extra pep in your step.

  • Caramelised bananas are pretty much my favourite thing in the world, so it seemed only fitting to create this caramelised banana split, with coconut ice cream and Loving Earth chocolate sauce. A perfect dessert for winter or summer!

  • This slice is inspired by (wait for it) everybody's  all time favourite, Nutella. With no refined sugar, plenty of healthy fats, no gluten, and no animal products, this is a slice you and all your friends with special diets can enjoy!

  • A delicious, refined sugar free and vegan hot chocolate that takes almost no time to prepare. A perfect winter warmer. With the addition of some Loving Earth Mint chocolate to dip in, you really can't go wrong.

  • This chocolate bark is perfect for those movie nights on the couch, combing Loving Earth Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolates, along with freeze dried berries and sea salt. Make sure that you save the largest shards of the chocolate bark for yourself. Sometimes sharing isn't all it's cracked up to be ;)

  • The first time we tasted our Lemon Caramel Chocolate from the test kitchen we instantly felt reminiscent of lemon cheesecake! Kristina thought so too and created this gorgeous Raw Lemon Cheesecake Slice!

  • We know it's freezing here in Australia but add a scoop of this this luscious Blueberry Ice Cream to your favourite piping hot dessert and you'll be away in dreamland!

    This recipe was made by our new friend Christy from 'Sweetened With Dates' who won the Loving Earth X Hippie Lane 'Make This Treat' comp!

  • This chocolate cake is almost a pudding, served warm with a fudge-like icing. Its texture is light and surprisingly fluffy for a nut based cake, and it's satisfying chocolate flavour is not too sweet and is spiked with just enough orange zest. The batter is made in a blender, making it an easy and delicious treat, and one that is even weeknight friendly! If you prefer, you can also serve this cake at room temperature, the icing will cool to a spreadable consistency.

  • This recipe brings back so many memories of when I lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I remember trying Dulce de Leche for the first time in the bakery next door to my apartment. Complimented by Dark Orange Chocolate, this mousse is my favourite way to enjoy Dulce de Leche.

  • A hugely popular recipe and for good reason, my raweos are a raw version of the cream filled chocolate biscuit, the oreo. Except mine are made without flour, sugar, butter and an oven. I adore this recipe. The flavour combination is comfortingly reliable and they taste too good to be the healthy version. If there was one recipe that I were to convince you to make, it would be this one. Heaven in a bite.

  • Say Whaaaaaaaaaat? That's right. Raw Snickers. It's rich, decadent and may make your heart skip a beat! On the flipside, it is raw, vegan, refined sugar free, 100% organic, full of anti-oxidants, magnesium, serotonin and promotes digestive health!

  • Jaffa is a flavour that I have loved dearly since I was a kid and this dessert is a grown up version that takes me back to devouring a packet of my favourite childhood chocolate treats at the movies.

    These are the perfect indulgent desserts that will wow your friends as they crack through the Mandarin & Gubinge chocolate into the dreamy cheesecake filling then the crumbly buckwheat base. Make them ahead of time so you can focus on hanging out with your friends and family.

  • The combination that barely loses - chocolate and caramel. These little cheesecake bites are super easy to make and a total crowd pleaser. Consisting of 4 distinct layers, each working to contribute to a melt in your mouth experience, it’ll be hard to stop at just one! Store in the freezer for whenever you get that craving.

  • Creamy soup is always a winner this time of the year. Topped with a baked crunchy topping to add texture, flavour, and some extra plant based protein, makes this a complete perfect dinner.

  • Deciding between a hot chocolate or a chai on this chilly winters day, why not have both! Homemade chai spice mix, brewed on homemade almond mylk, with a touch of chocolate, perfect. Since this makes a large serve (approximately 4-6 cups) you can refrigerate the chai mix and almond mylk separately and reheat as needed.

  • An indulgent breakfast for one! Who doesn't love a warm bowl of porridge to start your winter’s day? How about one that’s a little bit cheeky as well...

    When banana meets Loving Earth Salted Caramel on top of warm buckwheat porridge you get a banoffee porridge bowl of heaven.

  • Loving Earth Chocolate Buckinis crust, filled with a smooth rich and sweet chocolate ganache filling, drizzled with melted loving earth raspberry chocolate, and topped with loads of raspberries. say. no. more.

  • Hot crepes stuffed with banana, melting chocolate and lots of berries, and it’s totally good for you!! There is no better way to start your day, unless of course someone else is making this for you in bed!

  • This banana and almond butter bread is not only deliciously light and fluffy to eat, it is made entirely out of nutrient rich, wholesome ingredients. It also contains the superfood maca, giving it a slight malty vanilla taste.

    Thanks Eleanor for the inspiring recipe!

  • Ice cream really feels like the ultimate indulgence; creamy, smooth, rich and sweet! To me it’s the holy grail of desserts. It’s so nice to make a healthier version at home that doesn’t require an ice cream maker!

    To add a textural element to your ice cream you can easily add chopped chocolate or your other favourite goodies to mix through before freezing.

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