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  • Carlton Tart! The image and the title of this recipe represents the famous pastry shop off Lygon Street from which my inspiration came! The best part about this recipe is using mesquite powder in the pastry. We'll be using this pastry (the tart base) in a lot of recipes over the next month, mainly because I want you guys to get used to repeating certain methods until it becomes second nature to you. You'll then ...1 cup Cashew flour*
    1 tbsp Mesquite Powder
    ½ tbsp Light Agave Nectar
    1 tbsp water

  • Again, have a look at the tart recipe, just the base, and you'll recognise it...the only difference is that I added more flax meal, by one tbsp. Generally speaking, you can use this base recipe again and again for all of your savoury tart recipes. Also, the short bread recipe is very similar to the Carlton Tart pastry recipe.

  • Here we go again: the tart base recipe repeated! For the next month I'll be repeating this base recipe again and again so that you really get the point of how to implement it in different ways!

    What I really like about this tart base recipe is that it's so simple. It's just cashew flour (which is basically blended cashews), agave nectar, water and of course my favorite part of the recipe - mesquite powder. The mesquite powder is really what makes this tart the unique and delicious experience that it is.

  • What I really love about this recipe is the extra touch you get from using your Lavender Infused Syrup (a recipe that we posted couple of months ago under staples). Easy but elegant...healthy but decadent! Enjoy!

  • Hahah, yes yes, I'm finally going to give us a break from the mini tartlets! To reward your persistence and diligent learning, I'm giving you one of my most adorable and delicious recipes...perfect for the lovely summer days which are now upon us!

  • The trees are all green as summer arrives, though of course for us here in Melbourne there's still the occasional gust of worries, just the fact of summer alone is so pleasant since our winters are so long! That's why peaches are such an exotic treat for us, and if we take a little time to prepare them into a compote it makes for a delicious delicacy, intensifying the aroma and flavour.. with a little ...

  • I hate Valentine's Day. I never really recovered from Rachel Robinson shunning me in the playground after sending her a much dwelled-upon romantic letter when I was 10. Rachel's indifference aside, I can still find one reason to get enthusiastic about Valentine's Day -  chocolate! If only I'd had tricks like that up my sleeve when I was 10, it could all have been so different...

  • Rich in texture, deep in flavour and full of warmly bitter chocolate, this pudding is firm and hearty yet still melts in the mouth. If you're an emotional eater then this will be right up your street. I created this recipe as a response to my own cravings for a sweet and rich pudding. It's perfect for sharing or for individual indulgence...though over-indulgence is probably closer to the mark :)

  • Whether you are making this recipe at home, in your cafe or at your resturant, it's fast and easy to put together. Speed and ease are not the only two things on this dessert's side though -it's also super sexy!

  • Look at the colour of this bad boy!! We break the chocolate theme here for a brief berry interlude. This recipe is really easy to execute and tastes amazing, that's if you can bring yourself to rip into the relative work of art that it is. Make sure you keep this in the freezer long enough so that it is nice and firm at the point of serving.

  • The marriage of figaro...with cashews, lucuma and almonds!

  • Healthy, crunchy, fruity - a great vegan breakfast.

  • Like all parents, I was concerned at the amount of sugar my family was eating, so I developed these sugar-free favourites as a weekend breakfast treat. I have used cashew milk in this recipe made with Loving Earth’s Really Raw Cashews. Nut milk is a great alternative to soy or cow’s milk. The video below will take you through the process step by step.

  • This was a great way for me to get my fussy daughter, Sienna, to eat her veggies. You can really dress this treat up to look like a dessert you may find in a restaurant. Be creative with cocktail glasses, umbrellas and slices of fruit on the rim – your kids will never know they’re eating healthy! I have used nut milk in this recipe as I feel it's a great alternative to soy or ...

  • I developed this recipe when my daughter, Sienna, decided that vegetables were poisonous and refused to eat them. This is a great addition to her lunchbox, but they taste their best when straight out of the oven. I use safflower oil in this recipe as I find it has a lighter and subtler flavour than olive oil.

  • This recipe was inspired by a raw food workshop I attended. Perfect for entertaining since it's very quick to make, it's one way to ensure you don't spent all of your party in the kitchen!You can add strawberries for a lovely contrast of colours and burst of flavour.

  • This is a great recipe to help get kids involved and interested in cooking – just make sure they don’t eat too much of the cookie dough while you’re not looking!

  • I developed this recipe as an experiment and it has proved to be a popular snack. These brownies are perfect for entertaining as they are very quick to make but look, and taste, like you’ve spent hours in the kitchen.

  • No introduction needed for this.  It's so yum that it's hard to stop at one piece... Oh, and did I mention there is no added sugar? Ideal for those quitting sugar and wanting to watch their waistlines.

  • These muffins are made with cooked quinoa (rather than quinoa flour). It is therefore super moist and dense and has an intense chocolate flavour (which suits me because I LOVE dark chocolate). If you prefer your chocolate a little less intense perhaps try with a little less cacao. I chose to make these entirely in a blender – super easy and really successful! Amy Crawford - The Holistic Ingredient

  • These are so simple and delicious (even easier than walking all the way to the corner store for a paddle pop…and so much better for you!). Go for your life with the fresh mint, the recipe can handle a lot.  Amy Crawford - The Holistic Ingredient

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