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Featured Foodies

Featured Foodies – Emerson Cooks


You might just be our youngest ever featured foodies. Tell us a little bit about yourself!
Hi all! I'm Emerson, people call me Emmo, I’ve just turned 19 and I'm a fanatical foodie. My passion for health came about when I was very young, my sister (a ballerina) and I used to try to put a healthy spin on our all-time favourite recipes - many successful and failed outcomes. (although… as much as I thought I was the health guru, I did love a Pluto pop/dagwood dog, remember those?… Let's say my palette has changed since). I'm currently taking a gap year working in the family business trying to sort out which goal to attack first, with too many interests, passions, hopes, and dreams, let's see where my eager, goal kicking mindset takes me, I’ll try my best anyway.


What are your ‘non-negotiables’ when it comes to diet & lifestyle?
HYDRATION first thing in the morning – 1 litre before breakfast, give it a go. SLEEP, 9 hours every night. Finally, a plant based diet, too many positives outweighed the negatives when it came to eating this way, but do your research.

You have just recently been traveling through Europe, where was your favourite foodie destination and why?
Santorini! It’s like no other place I’ve visited in the world, I could eat Greek food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Immersing myself in Greek culture really sparked a shift on my healthy eating perspective, their appreciation for simple ingredients is contagious and I've certainly been inspired to adopt a similar way of eating. Meals commonly consisted of stuffed vegetables, Greek salad (no cheese), Fava (a puree made from yellow split peas and other flavourings) and fresh seeded bread with olive oil. The perfect mix of carbs, protein and fat. Oh and that Caldera View!!!

What are you 3 top tips for Instagram & food photography/styling?
Natural light, clutter free styling/set up, and working with brands that allow you to express your own values in food. Being 'real' with my followers is most important and by working with brands whom are loyal I believe triggers a domino effect in receiving the same loyalty and respect from my followers.

You can only share one recipe as your legacy…what would it be?
My salty peanut butter balls. Originally inspired by my late great Aunt Glad, who always had a batch in her fridge, and without fail she would always hand me a container FULL as I walked out the door! Aunty Glad's however were loaded with butter, and refined sugar etc. I set out to create a healthier version, I’m sure I've made her proud!  The recipe can be found on my Instagram, and LE chocolate can be used for the coating. I’m working on a website as we speak, so my recipes will be easier to access!

You’re a new addition to the Loving Earth chocolate range, what flavour would you be?
Most likely an odd combination of almond butter and lemon curd, can you work with that LE?? ;)

What is Loving Earth to you?
~ Every little step to a sustainable future helps in a big way ~ on a lighter note, ridiculously delicious!

For more foodie inspiration check out Emmos Instagram 

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