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More Love Less Waste

Christmas, or Annual Eat Too Much Day as we like to call it, is just around the corner. Scary, we know. Especially when the competition to find the most amazing gift for under $30 is on.

It can be a time of year when excess runs wild (not just Sally from Accounts at the office party). Heaps of leftovers that you feel you’re eating for weeks, wrapping paper that, at the time you absolutely swear to keep and use again, but somehow ends up at the top of the recycling bin. It’s a high time for over indulgence and a slightly guilty conscience.

Well fear not, this year we’re pairing it back and keeping it simple with this mantra…

More Love Less Waste

It means we’re going to be finding gifts that we can either make ourselves or from brands that give back. Ones that really create a deeper connection and have more meaning behind them.

So how do we do it?

Try going down the DIY route and making your own. Homemade biscuits, jams, or even chocolates are delicious and easy to make a few of, especially good to have on hand for the surprise neighbour who pops round. Plus you know exactly what ingredients you’re using so can tailor to friends with different diets or food choices.

Supporting small businesses and independent shops keeps your local community alive and builds real relationships. Something we’re big fans of.

Seeking brands and businesses that authentically connects back to their suppliers raises awareness and helps communities that truly need it.

Cut the wrap and wrap gifts in sustainable or recycled paper. Or even better, finding gifts where no wrapping is needed. Check out our Loving Earth gift ideas.

Doing good doesn’t have to be hard, or heavy. At this time of year it’s about remembering what it’s truly about, coming together, celebrating each other and where you can, making choices that affects real change and creates, more love and less waste.

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