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  • When it comes to doughnuts, we do-nut discriminate. But one of our favourites is the Old Fashioned doughnuts. Crumbly and cakey. Dipped in 85% Dark and covered in cacao nibs. Doughnuts are my ultimate comfort food.

  • A classic combo, dark chocolate and mint. This ice cream is rich and creamy with a serious mint kick. It has a great texture from the cacao nibs and mint choc pieces. Super easy to make and is an impressive after dinner dessert.

  • This ice cream tastes like it should be evil! Super creamy and fluffy, with swirls of salted caramel chocolate and chunks of choc coated cacao nibs. Topped with our new obsession, caramel & choc coated almonds. Summer sorted!

  • Mini Bitter Chocolate Mousse Tart with Cacao Nibs is an easy recipe to make. With a little bit of time, it will result in a complex blend of bitter sweet perfection to satisfy any palate. This is a decadent experience; a modern Mayan moment to celebrate life. What better way to start our new adventure in delivering two recipes a week, using seasonal fair trade ingredients and presenting them in an elegant and inspired way!

  • What makes the mascarpone cheese really cheesy is not just the best cashews that you can get from Loving Earth, but also the mesquite powder, which adds that little extra creamy caramel flavour to the mascarpone. The VISUAL is everything. So, make sure that you do use pink peppercorns for this baby, otherwise Loving Earth sour cherries or cacao nibs will do the trick!

  • Enjoy these little babies of mine...they're extremely addictive! Oh, and you can have these with or without the Cacao Nibs....but most important are the Sour Cherries!

  • Look at the colour of this bad boy!! We break the chocolate theme here for a brief berry interlude. This recipe is really easy to execute and tastes amazing, that's if you can bring yourself to rip into the relative work of art that it is. Make sure you keep this in the freezer long enough so that it is nice and firm at the point of serving.

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