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  • Ice cream really feels like the ultimate indulgence; creamy, smooth, rich and sweet! To me it’s the holy grail of desserts. It’s so nice to make a healthier version at home that doesn’t require an ice cream maker!

    To add a textural element to your ice cream you can easily add chopped chocolate or your other favourite goodies to mix through before freezing.

  • These chocolate treats are incredible simple to make and totally delicious to boot! They are also a great way to sneak superfoods into your diet. Try some Lucuma Powder in the cashew and coconut mix, or even some Maca Powder into your raw chocolate!

  • I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a delicious sticky date pudding. There is nothing more satisfying then sticking your spoon into a warm pudding and having it crumble in your mouth. Whilst this isn’t completely like the beautiful date puddings I enjoyed whilst I was in Turkey last year this is the closest and most delicious healthy version I have had since! These are naturally sweetened and of course are vegan and gluten free! This is a perfect and quick dessert to make when guests are coming over and they are definitely best served straight out of the oven!

  • Rich in texture, deep in flavour and full of warmly bitter chocolate, this pudding is firm and hearty yet still melts in the mouth. If you're an emotional eater then this will be right up your street. I created this recipe as a response to my own cravings for a sweet and rich pudding. It's perfect for sharing or for individual indulgence...though over-indulgence is probably closer to the mark :)

  • The marriage of figaro...with cashews, lucuma and almonds!

  • This is a not-so-sweet crunchy fudge, sweetened only with Carob, Lúcuma and Mesquite. High melt in sun factor. If you need them throughout the day when you’re out running, try this trick: place a flat ice pack in a plastic container, place some parchment paper over and put the Love You Right Back Carob + Coconut Squares on top. Prepare by placing them in the freezer before you take them with you.

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