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The Fresh Flavours Of The New 45g Range Are Anything But Ordinary

Loving Earth is a Melbourne brand with a long legacy, making chocolate and forging its own unique path for over a decade. We came onto the scene with our first chocolate bar before anyone knew what raw cacao was or even how to pronounce ‘Acai’. It was a more innocent time with not a smoothie bowl in sight, when the vegan diet was synonymous with lentils, hot chips and Oreos.

Everything has changed and nothing has changed at Loving Earth HQ in the intervening years. We’re still the same dedicated, plant-based chocolate company making it’s whole range from the cacao nibs themselves. We still use home compostable film for all our bars and we’re still committed to regenerative practices as the solution the world is looking for. Now the wider world is starting to get on board and plant-based is becoming a familiar sight…and we couldn’t be happier.

Like a lot of people, we’ve had our fair share of changes in the past year. We’ve taken the time to find skilled and generous people to lead us into this next phase of our chocolate evolution, bringing fun back into the plant-based chocolate space. Ethics are important, but we’re not shy of a celebration and this new range is getting us back into party mode.

Fresh chocolate flavours also mean fresh new packaging. We’re super happy to have worked with the awesome and award-winning team from Marx studio, NZ. They played with us to find joyful ideas that matched our current mood and evolution. Each illustration has its own character, but they all sit together like a happy bunch of misfits with the same sense of humour.

The flavours themselves are classics with a vegan twist. We have our most-requested-ever-flavour, the crowd-pleasing Cream n Cookies, then the chocolate from nut-lover heaven that is Double Hazey, the sweet but feisty Dirty Rose and finally the Loving Earth classic we couldn’t take away from you, Caramel Swayze.

Focusing on the senses this range plays with contrasting flavours and textures, to keep your taste buds curious!

Dusky rose-infused cashew Mylk chocolate with bursts of tangy cranberries...our luscious take on the classic Turkish Delight.

Classic yet bold, this bar has crunchy house roasted hazelnuts in silky Hazelnut chocolate. With 40% hazelnuts, it’s a chocolate made in hazelnut heaven.

The iconic cookies-n-cream with a vegan twist, this bar is creamy white chocolate with generous sprinkles of chocolate biscuit crumbles.

Back by popular demand this salty-sweet caramel over smooth dark chocolate is a classic. Luxurious and silky, with a kick of real dark cacao.

Our Creative Director, Martha Butler says “Our feet are firmly planted in the regenerative chocolate space and it underpins everything we do, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. We wanted to create a sense of freedom and expansion with this range. It’s time that the plant-based space got a bit more light-hearted, especially with all the serious changes happening around us.

She continues, “One thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to ethical cacao, supporting our Peruvian growers and having a product with low impact on the earth but big impact on wellbeing.”

You can find all the flavours here.

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