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The Sustainable World

Vanilla...that's not so vanilla

I’m pretty heavy-handed when it comes to vanilla. Whether a recipe asks for it or not, in it goes!

Banana vanilla smoothie? Vanilla Oats? How about a pump of vanilla in your coffee order? Yes, please!

Your face might be scrunching up in shock as you read that sentence. Vanilla isn’t a regular addition to my coffee, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

And when I say “recipe”, I mean baked goods, sweets etc. Don't’ worry, I won’t go pouring it into curries or anything. (…not yet anyway)

I love how vanilla has that special power to accent and add a beautiful sweetness to dishes without any sugar. Apparently it has its own set of health benefits too! According to sources, vanilla is antibacterial, contains antioxidants, as well as some awesome benefits for your hair, skin and even mental health.*

But for you to get the most out of your vanilla, it’s best to reach for the pure, high-quality and all-natural kind. It’s likely that it’ll contain much more of the good stuff. But not only that, it’s got SO MUCH MORE FLAVOUR and tastes SO MUCH BETTER.

At one stage, it didn’t really matter to me the type of vanilla I bought. I was totally happy with any I found in the supermarket aisle. I didn’t discriminate.

But ever since the Loving Earth R&D team began recipe testing for the NEW White Chocolate with the vanilla powder from the guys at Heilala Vanilla, I did a full 180. I’ve completely changed my attitude about the importance of using a high-quality vanilla when cooking and baking.

Heilala Vanilla is a brand born from a partnership between New Zealand and Tonga, following the devastating natural disaster of Cyclone Waka in 2002 that almost washed away the island of Vava’u in the Kingdom of Tonga.

Heilala’s vanilla has a depth and richness like no other. The flavour is so bold and sweet; you’d think it included sugar! But that’s not the case for Heilala. Their vanilla powder is made of only 100% pure ground vanilla beans and their vanilla paste (not in our White Chocolate) is almost like syrup.

What else is good? All of Heilala Vanilla’s products come straight from the source so you know it’s the real deal. They grow all their vanilla under the Polynesian sun and they make sure it’s done in a sustainable way; putting into play environmentally friendly practices and looking after their community of workers, growers, farmers, and their families.

Heilala Vanilla adds a depth of flavour to anything that it’s added to without being overpowering and, instead, enhances the flavour of these other ingredients.

And that’s what it does for our White Chocolate. The vanilla adds a little something to the bar, without making it a “vanilla bar”. The subtle hint of vanilla gives it a mild and delicate finish.

Once you go Heilala, you won’t go back.


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