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Making Space to Regenerate – Learning How to Take the Pressure Off

We’re well into 2019 now and at LE HQ we reckon this year it’s time to get real about making a difference in our personal lives, for the sake of our climate . We’re going to dedicate our content over the next 12 months to personal changes that have a tangible impact. Stay tuned!

While musing on this idea, we kept coming back to how much we’re bombarded by information and how much pressure that exerts on us to be, do, have this and this and this and the other thing and that one….Recently Marie Kondo has sparked a wave of contemplating what ‘sparks joy’ in our lives, and we’re asking what if we brought that concept into a wider arena; the food we eat, the way we exercise, how we spend our $$.

What if we just let there be a bit more space in our day to day? A pause to take a moment and regroup. What if we let ourselves take a minute after a meal so we can digest? Or let ourselves have some silent time after the Netflix and the snacks? Sit down to a quiet cup of tea, screen-free, before jumping into the car and speeding down the freeway. This may sound like time wasting or being idle, but it is vitally productive because it’s regenerative to your mind and nervous system.

We’ll start to see the word more this year, but what does regenerative mean? To us it’s making products that renew people, communities and our planet. It’s about the whole system and raising our collective wellbeing on every level. It’s helping regenerate The Commons; the forests, the soil, the oceans, rejuvenating the wellbeing of the individual, the restoring purity of whole food.

It’s not just about agricultural practices, it’s a lot more personal than that, and a lot more practical to our day to day life. We'll be digging into DIY composting, with a step-by-step guide on how to do it. Sharing tips from special guests and experts on how to shop in bulk and other ways they’ve have found to relieve this pressure that living today has. Let us know if there is something you want us to explore or have any questions you want answered. We’re here to get to the bottom and make this as simple and fun as possible.

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