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Conscious Eating

Plants-based Medicine | We're all about the Mushrooms

(WARNING: These are not ‘magic’…or are they?)

If you’re loving a daily Matcha or Tumeric latte (or even if you’re not?) then say hello to another one of Mother Nature’s marvellous, mysterious gifts coming soon to a KeepCup near you…medicinal mushrooms! Perfect in a coffee or hot cacao, you’ll never look at fungi in the same way.

What is a Medicinal Mushroom: 

If you’ve been to see a naturopath or Dr in Traditional Chinese Medicine in recent years, you will probably have become accustomed to a wide variety of weird and wonderful herbs and their signature ‘flavour’ reminiscent of earth and dirt (if they taste that bad they must be good for you right?).

Medicinal mushrooms have been around growing in decaying woods (marinating, clearly) and living trees for hundreds of years, they go far beyond the familiar brown, button, and Portobello and are powerhouse adaptogens, supporting your immune system and levelling out your hormones.

What the buck’ is medicinal & adaptogen…  



adjective: medicinal

1  (of a substance or plant) having healing properties.
"medicinal herbs"



plural noun: adaptogens

1  (in herbal medicine) a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress.

Mushrooms are the bomb… here are some of our faves

looking for an antioxidant boost or a little grounding – this little guy will do the job. Chaga is also an immunity warrior and will help give you that swing back in your step.

Feeling the pressures that life sometime throws at us? Sooth the soul with the longevity loving Reishi.

looking to add some oomph to your workout routine (or in the bedroom) add this little ninja to your daily diet to improve your performance.

Lions Mane
Brain fog? Memory loss? This mushroom is the ultimate brain superfood for optimum memory power.

We have been busy in our HQ test lab playing around with few ways to take our daily doses of our ‘shrooms.

The hardcore
Straight up shot it.. That right we pop it in a glass (1/2 teaspoon) add water or coconut water and shot away.

The hipster
matcha, tumeric latte no-longer (well maybe sometimes)– mushroom cacao elixir packed with punch (& like a strong coffee) heres how its done:


The disguiser
adaptogen mushroom fat fudge… SAY WHAT. Fudge that heals your inside, not joking. This is one of our favourite recipe we’ve found!


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