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Friends of Loving Earth

A Day In The Life – Samantha Gash

Average day, not-so-average person.

4.55am – Wake up!

I lay all my clothes out the night before so I can get out of bed and turn it around in 15mins to leave the house. It does mean I have a later night laying everything out (!) but it makes it so much easier to get up.

5.10am – Leave the House

I live out in the Dandenong Ranges and love training around the area, it makes me feel really connected to the community I’m in. Some days I do have specific training so I’ll head to Altitude in Camberwell to makes use of their altitude chamber.

5.55am – Get to Altitude

I’ll do a 50 minute session on the treadmill at 3200m above Sea Level! I’m lucky to have two friends who train with me who I don’t get to see usually so it’s nice to have a catch up. We are all trail runners so it’s a running joke that we’re back on the treadmill! Winter can make you soft as no one wants to go back to training outside in the cold!

7am – Shower at the gym

8am – As I’m in the ‘city’ I’ll head to a café and try and squeeze meetings in.

Recently I’ve been heading to Fourth Chapter in Prahran, I know the owner Sarah, so it’s nice to support friends. I’ll have the homemade Paleo Toast with Avocado and lemon.

I’m sweating quite a lot in the altitude chamber so I’ll always make sure to add some good quality sea salt to replace those electrolytes – I prefer to top up through natural food sources rather than supplements.

12pm – I’ll head home back to the mountains and do a strength and conditioning session at my home boutique studio.

2pm – Back to the computer and logistics.

I’ll be working on logistics for the run, whether that be speaking to my security team, organising a meeting with World Vision or an interview with a media partner.

Mostly I’ll be checking on my route! Which can change daily depending on what is going on!

My goal is to finish Friday feeling comfortable to take Saturday off. We all can get caught up with a never-ending list of things to do, and sometimes you have to accept that that is all you’re going to get done that day and step away. I am someone who feels uncomfortable leaving unanswered emails but you can’t always do everything and you have to manage expectations, so I’ll pop them a message to say I’m on it!

6.30pm – Is dinner time!

This could either be a trip to The Pig and Whistle Tavern for a traditional English feast. Or it’ll be a home cooked meal with my partner, Matt.

8pm – I’ll jump in our home spa, which is outdoors and have a great view.

It’s one of the many bonuses of living in the Mountains and being surrounded by trees! When I was younger it was all about being out and about in the city, now it’s nice being at home.

10.30pm – Bedtime.

I wake up around 7am on a Saturday. I don’t have kids yet so why wake up early?!

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