Loving Earth Staff

At Loving Earth we're blessed with the best team in the world - these are the people who ensure that our organic fairly traded ingredients become the high-quality products which end up in your hands. With over a dozen countries represented, we're truly an international ensemble! Please let us know if there's any nice messages you'd like us to pass on to our wonderful team...

  • Cormac


    Digital Marketing and Communications Manager

    I was lucky enough to have gotten a job with LE soon after moving here from London in 2010. Starting off in production, I gradually came to handle most of the content: the blog, what’s written on our packaging and online, etc. Then they gave me my current position - aargh!! The ethics of the company are what make it so great for me…plus the Coconut Mylk Choc & the Maqui, Acai & Cacao Luvju!

  • Archana


    Product Maker

    Hi, I'm Archana from Nepal. I am enjoying working with the Loving Earth family. The Sour Cherry Chocolate and the Activated BBQ Almonds are my favourite. Thank you.

  • Bart


    Product Maker

    Hi, I'm Bart. I'm originally from the Netherlands and I came to Australia to be with my partner. I love organic gardening and punk rock. My favourite product is the Kale Chips.

  • Pasa


    Product Maker

    Hi I am Kishor - known as Pasa, from Nepal. I am really glad that I am working for this company. I appreciate organics and helping to make a healthy world. I like all the Loving Earth products, especially the Activated BBQ Almonds, the Coconut Sugar and the Kale Chips. Namaste and thank you.

  • Yuko



    Hi my name is Yuko and I am from Japan. I enjoy water colour painting, Yoga and walking.  I love working with sustainable enterprise and the people here! My favourite products are Luvju AFA and White Mulberries.

  • Meera


    Customer Service Assistant

    Hi, I'm Meera Gurung and I am from Nepal. I have recently joined the Loving Earth team and I am loving the experience. Working here is a pleasant experience with wonderful colleagues. Everyone is working hand in hand making quality products.

  • Rebecca


    Customer Service Manager

    I'm a fan of good people, great food, fun adventures and laughter because these are the ingredients for a happy life. And did I mention Loving Earth chocolate..... With a background in complementary health as well as the hospitality industry, I've found a workplace with the perfect blend of super healthy and gourmet here at Loving Earth. My favourite products are Buckinis Deluxe, Rainbow Superfood Blend and Coconut Nectar.

  • Sarah


    Customer Service Supervisor

    Hi! My name's Sarah and I feel very happy to be part of the Loving Earth Team. It's so nice to be working for a company that has such high ethics. When I'm not at work, I'm walking my dog, cooking with my partner or spending time in the garden. My favourite product would have to be the Purple Luvju (Maqui, Acai & Cacao).

  • Sarvesh


    Digital Communications

    I love being a part of a company that works consciously with the environment. I feel happy knowing that in a small way, I help create a healthier community. When I’m not in the office, I am in my veggie patch, under a tree or making music munching on Chocolate Buckinis!

  • Ishwor


    Chocolate Packing Ace

    Hi, I am Ishwor Gurung and I am from Nepal which is known as Himalayan country with the world's tallest mountain Mt Everest. I enjoy watching movies and I love to laugh with friends. I am enjoying Melbourne and working with the Loving Earth family.

  • Claus


    Product Maker & Maintenance

    Hi, my name is Claus and I'm from Germany and have joined the Loving Earth international community. Here I found all that I was looking for in a work place: lovely colleagues and high as possible ethics and product standard (healthy, sustainable, fair and organic) - isn't that really amazing!! My favourite product is the Chocolate Coconut Butter and the Mild Chilli Dark Chocolate.

  • Bron


    Project Manager - Product

    Hi, I’m Bronwyn and I can’t say how excited I am to be part of such healthy, vibrant, ethically conscious group, who make absolutely divine food.  I love the coast, live gigs and practicing yoga. My favourite product (at the moment) is the Deluxe Bukinis and the Orange and Gubinge Chocolate.

  • Will


    Facilities Manager

    I’m originally from Sydney and have been living in Melbourne for about four years now.  It’s really fantastic to be working for a company focused on creating sustainable and ethically produced products.  Loving Earth is one of the most amazing places that I have worked and I’ll have to admit I’m quite partial to the BBQ Almonds.

  • Kush


    Production Supervisor

    Hi, I'm Kusum from Nepal. I have been at Loving Earth for over four years now and I love making the chocolate. I have been enjoying working with all of Loving Earth's super products which are very super and made with love.

  • Jak


    Product Maker

    Hi guys, It's me Jak and I am from a small part of the world called Nepal. It has been around six years since I have moved to Australia. Working at Loving Earth is a very different experience for me. I love working in an organic chocolate factory.

  • Wayne


    Production Supervisor / Chocolate Ace

    Hi I'm Wayne. I've been working in the organic sector for a fair few years and feel lucky to be working for such a progressive company as Loving Earth. On a regular basis I will make chocolate and taste test it for your satisfaction, and mine. A highlight of the day is playing cricket with my fine fellow workers at lunchtime, followed by more production of quality organic products for your delectation. My favourite Loving Earth product is Mylk Chocolate.

  • Dan


    Packaging Manager

    Hi I'm Dan from Box Hill. I work in both packing and warehousing at Loving Earth. Working for a company with such a clear social vision, excellent people and a great range of clipboards means it's a party everyday. I believe it's important to support the work of small communities such as the cacao growers of Satipo.

  • Jeroen


    Finance and Operations Manager

    Hi I'm Jeroen. I’m Dutch, love soccer, traveling and good food and lived in India and Sydney before landing here in Melbourne. What I love about Loving Earth is that we have very clear values; “healthy, sustainable & fair” really comes back in everything that we do. My favourite product would have to be the Rainbow Superfood Blend (I add it to my smoothie every day!).

  • Scott


    Managing Director

    It has been a wonderful journey creating and working with Loving Earth. It is so inspiring working with and learning from our producer partners in different parts of the world. In particular I love going to the Kimberley - I would like to urge everyone to please visit www.savethekimberley.com my product pick is the Gubinge.

  • Rohan


    Production Manager

    Hi, I'm Rohan and I'm from New Zealand. I've been with Loving Earth for three years and enjoy sampling the products, especially the chocolate! It's great to be part of a company that has an ethical approach to business. My favourite product is the Drinking Chocolate.

  • Saffron


    Customer Service Assistant

    Hi my name is Saffron and I am from New Zealand. I love our Monday lunches at LE, getting to eat yummy choc all day and the extra treats Richard gives us for tasting. I especially love working for a company that shares similar values to my own. My favourite product is our Caramelised Pecans, try them in a low gi banana bread- yummers.

  • Lucy


    Queen Victoria Markets Organiser

    Hey, I'm Lucy and I love healthy delicious food, living ethically and good people...all things that I experience working here at Loving Earth. I am involved in making some of the great food as well as working down at our stall at Queen Victoria Markets. I am also studying Shiatsu, love to cook, garden and going out bush as much as possible. My favourite products are the Ginger Coconut Sugar Walnuts, Brazil Nuts and Sour Cherries.

  • Bipin


    Production Assistant

    Hi there. Makes me feel great to be part of Loving Earth and everyone knows me by my name Bipin. Wonderful people around makes me more energetic to work in a friendly environment with music. Maqui Berry Powder and Kale Chips are the best things ever at Loving Earth. Work seems to be simple with the co-operation of the team members at Loving Earth and the healthy organic food production. Bipin.

  • Al


    Production Assistant / Mover and Shaker

    Hey this is funky Al. Around here they call me the Pie Man. I love punks and Nepalese. I love rocking up to work everyday and hanging out with the gang. My favourite product is Gubinge.

  • Sakun


    Customer Service Assistant

    Hi I'm Sakun, from Pokhana, Nepal. I have been working at Loving Earth for the past four years. I enjoy coming to work and doing my bit for the environmentally conscious.

  • Richard


    Production Manager / Chocolatier Extraordinaire

    I have been with Loving Earth since the beginning and I make the chocolate. I have a background in business and alternative health so it's exciting to be in a growing company specialising in sustainable and healthy super foods. I hope you enjoy eating the chocolate as much as I enjoy making it. I really like the Organic Raw Dark Chocolate.

  • Bijay


    Product Maker

    Hi, I'm Bijay from Nepal. I've been enjoying working for Loving Earth for a year now. I work part time as a chocolate maker. We make lots of healthy, raw foods here with love. The Lucuma Maca Chocolate is really nice and is good for your health too. Thank you, Bijay.