How To Use: Walnuts

Organic Activated Walnuts grown in Kashmir. Available in three flavours: Plain, Salted and Ginger Coconut Sugar. Walnuts are renowned for their fatty acid profile and high omega 3 content. They're also a significant source of protein and dietary fibre.


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How To Use: Coconut Butter

Raw Organic Coconut Butter/oil is known for its Lauric acid content, and for its quality, healthy saturated fats. Our oil is particularly smooth and light and has a very mild flavour and aroma. Truly special.


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How To Use: Cashew

These nutritious, sweet and creamy Cashews have been sourced from Java. An excellent source of Copper, Magnesium, Zinc and Manganese- these Cashews are carefully cracked using traditional techniques to preserve the nutritional benefits and flavour.


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How To Use: Vanilla Beans

Organic Gourmet Grade A/1 Vanilla Beans - available either whole or powdered. Grown in Papua New Guinea, the incredible taste & aroma is sure to enchant and seduce.


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