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  • Wow! I was trying to experiment with using different dried fruits for raw desserts (trying to avoid over consuming dates at the moment). The buckwheat gives it the most phenomenal crunch!

  • This slice sits somewhere between a cake and baked oatmeal in texture, lovely and sturdy and filling too, which is exactly what I was looking for in a good plane snack. The little pops of blueberry are awesome and I reckon next time I'm gonna try it out with raspberries to counteract the sweetness of the slice, maybe swapping in brown rice syrup for the honey too. I use quinoa flakes for a 100% gluten-free slice, however if you tolerate oats by all means use them. I'm thinking buckwheat flour or quinoa flour would also work as great substitutes for the brown rice flour if that's what you've got.

  • Making chocolate is one of the great simple pleasures of life. Once you know the secret you might begin to wonder why you hadn’t tried it earlier. The basic elements are simple; you need some good quality fat, cacao butter of coconut oil, some antioxidant rich cacao and a sweetener to bring it all together. Feel free to experiment with the ratios to suit your tastes and needs!

  • Participating in some weekend baking is a great routine to develop. Choosing to make your own snacks and breakfasts ensures you can tailor the ingredients to suit your needs. This bread makes a healthy after yoga snack, or if you feel like it you can spread some nut butter on top and enjoy it as light breakfast too!

  • Fortune comes from a positive, carefree mindset, that anyone can adopt. These feels like the ultimate comfort food or birthday party cookies for your kids. With a lovely mild sweetness and freshness from the berries, This is a winner! - Karolina Eleonóra

  • I love all things chocolate, any combination, any which way I’m all over it. Lucky for me, cacao is considered one of natures super foods and because I have the means to make my own chocolate with pure, natural ingredients my crazy addiction isn’t detrimental to my health. - Saphira Tuffery

  • During Winter it's so important to maintain a robust immune system and the combination of raw lemon juice and our Camu Camu Powder can help you do just that.You can never go wrong with a lemony dessert and these raw, vegan, zingy tarts are simple to prepare and will definitely impress! They can be prepared well in advance, stored in the freezer and whipped out when a healthy sweet treat is in order. - Emily ...

  • Gingerbread is a flavour that takes me back to my childhood; gingerbread men and gingernut biscuits dunked in tea! This is a wholesome loaf with dark gingery flavours, sweetened naturally with pumpkin and Coconut Sugar. Ginger is a well known ingredient to boosting immune function along with our Gubinge Powder which is the highest natural source of Vitamin C on the planet. Now we can have our cake and eat it too! -Emily Williamson

  • Like the classic Snickers bar, but healthy. You feel the quality in every bite. If you are a fan of hazelnuts, peanut butter and raw chocolate, these decadent bars are for you.  - Karolina Eleonóra

  • The sensual and warm saffron has a date with an indulgent chocolate filling - a flavour sensation you'll come back to over and over again. With nutrients such as virgin coconut oil, saffron, mesquite and raw cacao you can't really feel guilty when indulging in these.  - Karolina Eleonóra

  • This is a not-so-sweet crunchy fudge, sweetened only with Carob, Lúcuma and Mesquite. High melt in sun factor. If you need them throughout the day when you’re out running, try this trick: place a flat ice pack in a plastic container, place some parchment paper over and put the Love You Right Back Carob + Coconut Squares on top. Prepare by placing them in the freezer before you take them with you.

  • You know how everyone talks about satisfying that 3pm cookie craving?  Well these ones are so good they can satisfy you at any time of the day.  Just don’t eat the whole batch at once!  Angela Simson - The Gratitude Project

  • I've been so excited to experiment with the Salted Caramel Chocolate and our monthly staff party offered up my first golden opportunity! The base of this raw cake is made from dates which gives an even more caramely flavour when combined in a heavenly mouthful with the salted caramel cashew topping. This is a really large recipe as it was catering for a lot of people so you can easily half the recipe for a more manageable size!

  • If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be Chocolate Mousse. It’s flurry, creamy, chocolatey and this one is actually good for you.  Free from the refined sugar and thickened cream in commercial varieties.  - Angela Simson - The Gratitude Project

  • My Coconut, Chia and Kiwifruit Trifle combines nutrient dense SunGold kiwifruit with protein rich chia seeds. A nourishing, revitalising breakfast or the perfect snack at any time. Gold kiwifruit helps to enhance the integrity of the cell membranes, boost collagen production, and assists in the important absorption of iron.  - Samantha Gowing

  • Raw desserts often mimic their conventional counterparts with an impressive masquerade, especially when it comes to tiramisu, which has a deceptively similar texture yet slightly lighter, nuttier taste to the ‘real thing’. Ultimately it’s all about taste and texture when it comes to imitation.

    This living ‘cheesecake’ is a full flavoured little number with a creamy nut base and a deliciously tart, yet sweet raspberry finish. The hint of rosewater takes it from grassroots to restaurant in no time. -Samantha Gowing

  • Anyone recognise this cake?! It’s a merrymaker paleo-fication of a Women’s Weekly classic! That’s right! This is our Paleo Chocolate Raspberry Ganache Cake! Decadent, moist, chocolate, yummy goodness. Plus, chocolate + raspberries = best combo ever!  - The Merrymaker Sisters

  • Black Forest Cakes were all the rage once upon a time - I wanted to bring a bit of the past into today and recreate this favourite as a raw vegan cheesecake. The chocolate layer is flavoured with our Creamy Coconut Mylk Chocolate and has an ice cream like consistency which is cut perfectly with the tangy berry chia jam.

  • When I can inject super nutrients like betroot into a delicious dessert I see it as a major win - this vibrant Sweet Beet Cake is one of those wins! This raw vegan cheesecake is a not-too-sweet cake with a lovely earthy undertone from the beetroot and carrot juice. No artificial dyes here!

    - Emily Williamson

  • I love, love, love lemony desserts and this week I was gifted a big bag of homegrown organic lemons and I knew just what I needed to do! Raw cheesecakes are my favourite kind of dessert to make as there's basically nothing that can go wrong when compared to traditional baked caked!- Emily Williamson

  • When making raw, vegan desserts I think it's important that they're not obviously healthy. It's about fooling the taste buds while incorporating as many nutrient rich ingredients as you can. I want people to be able to enjoy a raw, vegan dessert as much as they would any other dessert.

    This Chocolate Orange Torte recipe is just that - using a blend of avocado and tofu in the filling results in a light, creamy texture contrasted with an almond meal, chocolate and date "biscuit like" base you'll have anyone fooled that this dessert is 100% raw, vegan and free of all refined sugar and gluten.

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