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Rhubarb and Apple Galette

This rustic free-form tart is just the sort of dessert I want in winter: fragrant baked fruit, sweet but not sickly, with a crisp pastry shell. Gluten free and vegan pastries are notoriously hard to get good results with, often leaving you with cracks and a dry crumbly texture. Fear not! The psyllium husk is the trick here to give this dough some elasticity and hold, as well as the grating of the coconut oil; the result is a crisp and golden pastry that you can easily slice. Fully adaptable to other fruits you have on hand, this is the simplest of pies, and a great place to start for maximum results with minimal effort. I like rhubarb on the tart side, but feel free to sprinkle with extra coconut sugar if you prefer.




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