The Cyclelogical Challenge

To increase awareness of Ride2Work Day we asked everybody to take part in our Cyclelogical Challenge by writing a couple of paragraphs on their experience of riding to work and how it has enhanced their lives.

Loving Earth HQ was inundated with heartfelt stories of recovery from illness, life at the top-end and the joy and tranquillity of riding. We received stories from all sorts of people, but the one thing that everybody shared was a sense of pride in their decision to help the environment and themselves.

Congratulations to all of our winners, who received a mixed box of Luvjus.  We hope their adventures will inspire others to dust off the cobwebs and have adventures of their own!


Campbell's son enjoys his rideSimone's bike; Betty DraperRaquel's view along her ride Shalina on Ride2Work DayLaura Marshall and her bike

Andrew Dick, Melbourne - Cycling is like music: there’s something there for absolutely everyone to enjoy, you just have to find the stuff that excites you and is right for you. Whether it’s traversing the trails of the wilderness on your mountain bike, clocking ... cont. reading

Lara Sweeney, Melbourne - When my office moved from (literally) across the road from my house in Richmond, to St. Kilda Road, I decided to avoid the crowded and expensive trams and get on my bike! I had bought a very cool metallic blue ... cont. reading

Alexa Ridgway, Melbourne - Once upon a time I used to drive a car to work. I sat in a gas guzzler and got logjammed amongst thousands of other cars, all with only one person inside. I grew fat, I grew miserable. I then ... cont. reading

Laura Marshall, Melbourne - I ride to work from Northcote to Coburg every day along the Merri Creek trail and I love it! I ride as fast as I can through the busy street traffic during the beginning of my route, people in the ... cont. reading

Peter Ind - Riding to work has changed my life, in more ways than one… After one day hopping on the scales and seeing a disastrous three-figure readout, I realised I needed to take action. At the time I was living a short ... cont. reading

Mal Burton, Broome - My cycling experience comes to you from North West WA, in a little town called Broome. It’s very flat here and everything is in cycling distance. I enjoy riding to the markets every Saturday morning with my little dog on ... cont. reading

Eloise Hewson, Brisbane - Normally, I catch the Brisbane Citycat to work; the morning trip usually consists of standing up due to a lack of seats and stumbling around like Bambi as the Citycat makes it stops. My brother, not a fan of public ... cont. reading

Laura Stephens, Melbourne - Every day that I ride to work and university my day is 100% better than when I catch a tram, train or drive my car. I love the feeling of the fresh air on my face and the wind in ... cont. reading

Paul Seton - Well to be honest, I work from home and can’t ride to work even if I wanted to! So this makes my story of cycling rediscovery a bit different. I’ve been working from home for a few years now, and ... cont. reading

Genya Miller - When I was on chemo for breast cancer in 2010 (at age 32) I had reoccurring vivid dreams. It was a healthy me, running and riding. I had my long locks back and as I cycled I could feel the ... cont. reading

Nicole Ogrady, Melbourne - Home is in the leafy green suburb of Alphington, work is in amongst it all in Collingwood. There is only one option for my travels and that’s by bicycle, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Rain hail or shine ... cont. reading

Bethany Thompson, Canberra - I have always been a cyclist, it has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I have been involved in track cycling, road cycling and mountain biking. However, it was not until I started work ... cont. reading

Ana Beaumont, UK - I consider myself lucky. Not only did I have ‘cyclelogical’ parents who shunned the car during Thatcher’s ever-revving reign (yes I’m originally from Blighty) but I’m now also a resident of Australia and get to enter lovely competitions like this ... cont. reading

Dianne Grigg - Riding to work has been a long time passion of mine. Aside from the perils of helmet hair, there is no better way of avoiding traffic snarls - knowing for sure how long the trip will take - and of ... cont. reading

Louise McLaughlan - Riding to school (not work but really, same thing) has enhanced my life by waking me up in the morning and entering my period one class ready and awake to learn. It has put a smile on my face as ... cont. reading

Sharyn Armour - I love Ride2Work Day and look forward to it each year. My place of work is about 15kms away from home and l need to be very organised on this day each year to make it happen. I believe it ... cont. reading

Bert Nool - I love riding my bike to work! I’ve built up my bike myself and I am proud to have created such a great piece of transport that takes me everywhere I want to go, whenever I want to go without ... cont. reading

Carly Robinson - My version of ride-to-work involves taking a bike ride with my beautiful family. I am a stay at home mum (which we all know is a 24 hour a day job) and we try to get out on the bikes ... cont. reading

Joel, Melbourne - I've never owned a car; and living in the inner city I've always found a bike the quickest way to get around. Being a musician it has always been interesting: lugging 20kg or more across town; going to gigs and ... cont. reading

Jodi Allison - Since starting a new job where I work away from home for two weeks then return home for one week, I do not have a Vehicle when I am away for work. I purchased a bike to get me around ... cont. reading

Sebastien Dunne - Riding to work is definitely the best part of my day. It's a great way to wake the body up and prepare for the day and perfect way to unwind and clear your head on the way home. Sustainable transport, ... cont. reading

Monique Kinny - Riding to work, what better way to combine your exercise with something you already have to do - travel to your work. For busy people like myself that find it super hard to fit in much exercise around my working ... cont. reading

Annabel Aldous - Riding to work wakes me up and gets me started in an inspiring way. I have time to think and breathe, and make plans for the tasks ahead of me. Exercising in the morning makes me hopeful and happy that ... cont. reading

Campbell Townsend - No matter how uninspiring, mundane or bureaucratic my job is, riding to work helps ensure the feeling that I have achieved something, that I have done something good for myself. Anything can happen to me throughout the day but these ... cont. reading

Raquel Milton - Riding to work is such an energizing start to the day, second only to Omid Jaffari’s Chocolate Granola (my new indulgent obsession)! As I work by the sea, almost my whole journey is along the water. The ocean air is ... cont. reading

Leisal DenHerder - I have recently returned to Australia after living in America for three years. While in Chicago I worked at a pilates studio very close to the downtown area. Traffic was heavy in that part of town, but I would just ... cont. reading

Simon Hellyer, Melbourne - There are many reasons why I love riding my bike to work, and beyond. If I didn't ride to work I would have to walk to the bus stop, wait for the bus that could be late or early or ... cont. reading

Shalini Scholtz - I love the feeling of the wind against my cheeks and the sun on my skin when I'm riding. It's also a great way of starting the day energised from peddling. Before work I can easily make a d-tour past ... cont. reading

Angela Johnson, Melbourne - Why do I love riding my bike to work? To be honest, I was tentative on my initial ride on the shortening days of late May - Melbourne peak hour can be daunting even from an enclosed vehicle! I have ... cont. reading

Latiesha Hunter - Riding to work on occasions when my first car was in for a service (this happened quite often as it was a ‘99 model Ford Laser and was on its way out). It was such a great way to take ... cont. reading

Tahlia Nicole Watts, Melbourne - My experience with riding a bike to work is a painful memory. It happened one Thursday morning when my friends decided I needed to learn how to ride. They pushed me down the street and let go and I kept ... cont. reading

Simone Moyle - Riding my bike is a wonderful opportunity to get my blood flowing and clear my head before commencing my workday. I start every day (even Mondays!) with a smile on my face rather than stressing out. Added bonuses: cycling to ... cont. reading

Rory Bland - I don't have a car so I ride evvvverrywhere. On Saturdays I work at a Farmers markets, and I absolutely love riding my bike there at 3:30am in the morning. The peace and tranquility at that time in the morning ... cont. reading

Clementine Edwards - My heart is stronger. My mind is sharper. My energy levels are higher. I have a spring in my step and a flush in my cheeks. Cycling to work helps me focus throughout the day. Plus I get to whizz ... cont. reading

Trish Giuffre - Riding to work has actually made my work day shorter. Even though my time spent from A to B is longer than it was on public transport, I no longer spend that time frustrated by traffic, anxious about the time ... cont. reading

Martin De Biasi , Sydney - There's some confusion in Sydney as to where the bicycles belong. Road bikes take to the highways, reclaiming the asphalt one chain wheel at a time. Cruisers on the sidewalks, MTBs conquering the curling suburban hillsides. BMX, sometimes in the ... cont. reading

Adrian Dent - Riding to work has meant; getting there faster than public transport, a resting heart rate around 45 bpm, body fat around 11% and legs that receive lots of compliments. Depending on where work is, it also included travelling the Gardiners ... cont. reading

Anthony Krithinakis - What can I say? Riding to work has been great from the start, once the legs started getting used to it! I stress less as I'm no longer tied down by buses that do not turn up or get stuck ... cont. reading