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Healthy Eating in 2014 - Eleanor Ozich

With so much information floating around these days, making healthy eating choices is starting to feel a lot like rocket science! So to start off your year on the right foot, we called upon Australia's leading well-being experts and healthy chefs to shed some light on the subject.


In this feature series, we ask our panel of experts six key questions regarding healthy food habits we can all adopt, discover upcoming food trends in 2014, and find out what foods inspire them the most. This week we feature Eleanor Ozich, creator of delicious healthy recipes and founder of the wildly popular website The Petite Kitchen.


1. What is the one dietary habit you would advise to adopt or drop in 2014, and why?

I would advise to cut all wheat and gluten from your diet. I have been eating wheat and gluten free for a year now and the positive changes I have seen in my children, husband and myself have been incredible. On the odd occasion I do have a little bit here and there, and I am always reminded why I am better of without it in my diet! It is also so much more exciting to experiment with new and delicious alternatives.


2. What are your food trend predictions for 2014?

That is a tough one! The year of 2013 has seen many food trends and new styles of diet, particularly raw, and paleo. I try not to label my recipes as any particular type, except simple and wholesome! I look forward to seeing the new trends emerge though, and to be honest have no idea of what to expect!

3. What was your biggest food indulgence this year?

My biggest indulgence would have to be my home made chocolate. The recipe is a blend of extra virgin coconut oil, cacao, raw honey and nut butter. Its ridiculously delicious, and I always like to have a batch made for when I am craving something sweet.


4. What was your most eaten food or meal in 2013?

My most eaten food would have to be organic eggs! Whether that be for breakfast, lunch or as a light dinner. I have always been an egg lover, and I am sure this is something that will never change. My favorite lunch at the moment is an avocado sliced in half, topped with toasted buckwheat, seeds, served with two poached eggs and drizzled with home made herb and garlic oil. Simple, nourishing and divine.

5. Much of your life revolves around food, and it’s obviously something you’re passionate about. Even so, we all have moments when we’re low on inspiration…what’s your go-to meal that you find yourself returning to again and again and what is it that makes it so great?

I make a brilliant lentil, fennel and apple salad, tossed with a delicious dijon mustard, lemon and garlic vinaigrette. I must have made it at least 15 times. Perfect for a mid week meal as it only takes about 15 minutes to throw together, but also fancy enough to serve to dinner guests. It’s a winner!


6. What’s the most common misconception you come across in relation to food and your diet? Where do you think this comes from and what’s your response to it?

The most common misconception I have come across is that low fat diets are better for your health. I am a strong believer in including plenty of good and healthy fats in our diets such as extra virgin coconut oil, organic butter, coconut cream and avocado to name a few. Most low fat versions of food that you can buy at the supermarkets are artificial, synthetic and chemically made. It’s scary to think how many people are consuming these on a daily basis believing they are the healthier option.

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