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  • People

    Featured Foodie: Kate Bradley - Kenkō Kitchen

    "After being diagnosed with coeliac disease earlier this year and being lactose intolerant these are now my biggest non-negotiables. I used eat gluten on occasions before this diagnosis but after being hospitalised for a week with a completely depleted immune system I now extremely strict and conscious of what I eat and put on my body."
  • People

    Featured Foodie: Stacey Clare - A Healthy Mum

    Stace loves to create healthy recipes the whole family can enjoy, together. She is an accredited health and wellness coach with years of experience in the kitchen developing recipes for both clients and her family! 
  • Tips

    Healthy Eating in 2014 - Eleanor Ozich

    With so much information floating around these days, making healthy eating choices is starting to feel a lot like rocket science! So to start off your year on the right foot, we called upon Australia's leading well-being experts and healthy chefs to shed some light on the subject.
  • Meditation

    Chocolate Meditation

    Loving Earth’s founder and managing director Scott just got back from a trip to India, during which he was initiated into a curious new form of meditation. You guessed it…chocolate meditation! But how does it work? 
  • Food is Sacred

    Loving Earth’s Cold Pressed Coconut Oil – Minimally Processed for Maximum Health!

    The secret to our Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is in the processing. Why do we call it Cold Pressed Coconut Oil instead of just Coconut Oil? Because our oil is different. It’s wet-milled instead of dry milled, which helps contribute to the fact that our coconut oil is also very, very good for you.
  • Food

    Loving Earth’s Food Diary – New Horizons

    Over two months have passed since we started our Food Diary Project and the results are in: it’s pretty much life-changing. The concept is simple; you buy yourself a blank diary and write down what you ate and how you feel three times a day. It’ll take you two minutes. When you feel a certain mood on a certain day, look back at what you ate a day or two before. The results speak for themselves.
  • Community

    Food is Sacred

    Alternative Sweeteners 101

    There’s been a lot of attention in the media lately on the topic of obesity and health with over a million Australians currently affected by diabetes. A fantastic article by Paul Zimmet and Philip James published in 2006 in The Medical Journal of Australia outlines some solutions which could be undertaken on a policy level, though the unfortunate fact is that the situation has continued to worsen over the past five years. It’s all well and good to lobby politicians and discuss solutions, but what we at Loving Earth are interested in is what can we do about ourselves?
  • Food

    Revealing The Magic of Chocolate - Part IV: The Alchemy

    Making chocolate is a sort of alchemy. It's a very fickle medium to work with and people spend their entire lives experimenting with it, always discovering new things... The modern method of making chocolate revolves around synergy: the synergy between the Cacao and the sweetener. At Loving Earth we make our chocolate by hand-mixing the unique ingredients together and infusing them with our own heart energy and powerful ancient superfoods. This is where the magic really happens... 
  • Food

    Revealing The Magic of Chocolate - Part III: Cacao & Biodiversity

    People often ask us about our chocolate. A single bite and they can tell that there's something a bit different going on here...this is partly due to the most basic element of the chocolate: the cacao. A little known fact about the innocent bean is that the heirloom variety, such as that used in our chocolate, is vastly different to the hybrid variety, which is found in the stuff made by most other chocolate maker...
  • Food

    Revealing The Magic of Chocolate - Part I: Cacao & The Ancient World

    The last king of the Aztecs, Moctezuma died in 1521 as the Conquistadores established their rulership of Mexico. Haunted by legends of Moctezuma's gold, the Spaniards spent years searching the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan for the fabled lost treasure. They never found it…they didn't even know what they were looking for. Moctezuma's treasure was Cacao: his vaults were full of Cacao beans.

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