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  • Yoga

    We Are Part Of Nature, Not Separate From It

    Within the stress of everyday life we can become disconnected from the energy and flow of the natural world. Generally speaking we spend much of our time indoors and when we are outside it’s often to get ourselves from one place to another. Our lives involve the use of computers, mobile phones, cars, televisions, artificial lighting and other modern technologies.
  • Yoga

    Starting Your Yoga Practice At Home

    The easiest way to develop a sustainable practice is with patience, acknowledging that your body changes very single day, therefore coming to your mat without expectations. You need to understand your body’s needs and work within your boundaries – knowing when to push and when to hold back approaching your practice with acceptance of whatever is showing up on your mat each day and respecting your body by moving it mindfully.
  • Tips

    Healthy Eating in 2014 - Eleanor Ozich

    With so much information floating around these days, making healthy eating choices is starting to feel a lot like rocket science! So to start off your year on the right foot, we called upon Australia's leading well-being experts and healthy chefs to shed some light on the subject.
  • Health

    The "I Love Sugar!" Detox

    "I just had two massive slices of cake and my second cup of Irish Breakfast Tea for today and I’m totally buzzing and it’s not even midday AAARGH I LOVE SUGAR!!!" - This was written two weeks ago, just as I came off my detox. That weekend was excessive, to say the least. Just as I suspected, I felt crap the following week.
  • Health

    Detox – A Load Of Old Rubbish?

    DETOX: a word to inspire fear in men of indulgence…a term which sees life-loving women tear their hair out at the prospect of wanton self-denial. Tomorrow is Day 10 of my detox. Over the past week and a half I’ve met with a surprisingly rabid air of hostility from otherwise mild-mannered friends and acquaintances, alongside a great deal of curiosity. So what’s it like? In a word, shitty.
  • Health

    Rebecca's Detox Part II - Halfway Through!

    Tomorrow is Day 10 of my detox, which I just wrote about here. Inspired by another member of the Loving Earth team, I’m attempting to remove caffeine, sugar, alcohol, dairy, red meat and wheat from my diet for four weeks, just to give my system a rest and see how I feel. So I called into the ringing phones and busy chatter of Customer Service to see how Rebecca’s detox was going…
  • Health

    A Holiday For Your Tummy - Detox Time!

    Everyone deserves a holiday - even your belly! So we talked to one of our resident nutrition experts Rebecca (currently moonlights as Customer Service Manager on a daily basis) and got some interesting new insights in a really simple detox with considerable benefits.
  • Food

    Clean, Paleo, Raw, Vegan: Fads, Fears and Facts

    We’ve taken a look at all sorts of diets over the past month, from the macrobiotic to the Mediterranean and the trendy to the traditional. We’ve learned many lessons from the wisdom of older cultures, but what we haven’t discussed much is the modern approach to nutrition. In this article we’re not going to bother with talking about mainstream trends such as The Atkins Diet or the “fat free” fad of the past 20 odd years. Instead we’re going to look at some of the most common diets amongst the Loving Earth community.
  • Meditation

    Scott’s Meditation

    This May, the LE staff accepted a formidable mission – to meditate for 10 minutes everyday! It wasn’t long before we realised this was much more challenging than we first anticipated. Lucky for us LE head honcho Scott is vastly experienced in such matters and was only too happy to share some of his knowledge and experiences with us. If you’ve ever considered meditating or have been finding it to be challenging like we have, these helpful tips can point you in the right direction. Here are some excerpts from his talk...
  • Tips

    We Heart Kale!

    Kale comes from a family of over-achievers. With cousins like broccoli, cauliflower, collard greens and brussels sprouts, it has a lot to live up to in terms of nutrient goodness… but fortunately kale is no black sheep!
  • Meditation

    Chocolate Meditation

    Loving Earth’s founder and managing director Scott just got back from a trip to India, during which he was initiated into a curious new form of meditation. You guessed it…chocolate meditation! But how does it work? 
  • Food is Sacred

    Loving Earth’s Cold Pressed Coconut Oil – Minimally Processed for Maximum Health!

    The secret to our Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is in the processing. Why do we call it Cold Pressed Coconut Oil instead of just Coconut Oil? Because our oil is different. It’s wet-milled instead of dry milled, which helps contribute to the fact that our coconut oil is also very, very good for you.

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