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  • The Sustainable World

    Reduce and reuse for an eco-friendly office!

    Starting an eco-friendly journey can feel quite overwhelming; between plastic free, low waste, sustainable, regenerative, reuse-this, recycle-that, it can all feel a bit much.
  • Sustainability

    Friends of Loving Earth: Cat from Simple(ish) Living

    We caught up with "zero-waste" advocate, Cat of Simple(ish) Living to chat all about the topic and how she incorporates it into her daily life - including a bit of meal planning! 
  • Sustainability

    How would you like a National Park 40 minutes from your doorstep?

    The Great Forest National Park or GFNP is a campaign is to get the forests and parks that stretch from Kinglake through to the Baw Baws and up to Eildon declared as a National Park.
  • Sustainability

    More Love Less Waste

    Christmas, or Annual Eat Too Much Day as we like to call it, is just around the corner. Scary, we know. Especially when the competition to find the most amazing gift for under $30 is on.
  • Sustainability

    Jillungin Dreamtime Tea

    We've been drinking heaps of Native Australian Jilungin this winter, a potent tea that is both refreshing in the day and relaxing at night. We asked Marion from Twin Lakes to share the wealth of her knowledge about the Native Australian Jilungin tree.
  • Sustainability

    The Nyul Nyul Community

    We are so lucky to have such a connection to the Nyul Nyul community up in The Kimberleys who harvest the Gubinge, which we then dehydrate and grind down into a powder. Their connection to the land is palpable with such rich history and care still carried forward today. Something that needs to be respected, treasured, and protected.
  • The Sustainable World

    Sustainable Packaging

    Sustainability is and always has been one the main principles of Loving Earth. This is something we are always trying to improve on and work closely with our packaging suppliers to develop better ways of producing. So, here's what we actually do...
  • Sustainability


    The Path To Sustainability

    Sustainability is one the main principles of Loving Earth. It’s all very well to espouse such an ideal, but what are we actually doing about it? Well, our Campbellfield factory has just been certified entirely Carbon Neutral for electricity. We're looking to change over our new Scoresby facility as well. The fact is that to operate a business and do more good than harm to the planet is very, very difficult.
  • Sustainability

    Gubinge - Real Health, Real Change

    Seven years into our Gubinge project and things are taking off in a BIG way. This plucky little plum is the highest source of Vitamin C in the world and a powerful indigenous Australian superfood. Now, after a huge amount of dedication and hard work from our allies in Western Australia, the local area is really seeing the fruits of this labour...
  • Sustainability

    Gubinge Harvest 2014

    Just this morning we received 3,000kg of Gubinge from our friends in the Kimberley! Then, right this afternoon, we received these beautiful photographs plus this fantastic account of time out on the land during harvest. A huge thank you to Lahea for sending these to us.
  • The Sustainable World

    DIY Composting

    Compost is not exactly one of the most hash-tagged topics floating around and certainly the thought of decaying food and plant matter doesn’t really get the hype and attention that it deserves! But, if you have ever felt distant from the massive climate change issue, as I have been in the past, and wonder "how on earth can I create some degree of change?", well, the way we dispose of our food waste can be the simple first step to making a lasting change and reducing waste.
  • Sustainability

    Sustainability On Our Mind

    Composting Awareness Week is a great way to get people talking about natural ways to create healthy soils and reduce carbon pollution. We took this opportunity to talk with Bron, our sustainability-minded Product Development Manager and composting enthusiast about what Loving Earth is doing to reduce our environmental impact.

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